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UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit

Ultra-Clean Production master mix for high-fidelity hot-start PCR and microbiome applications 

  1. Eliminate residual DNA and background noise with ultra clean, DNA-depleted reagents
  2. Acquire reliable, robust results without inhibitor effects over wide GC-content range 
  3. Exceptionally fast PCR with fidelity 70 times higher than Taq
  4. Superior specificity and sensitivity: antibody-mediated hot start of polymerase and exonuclease
  5. Visual pipetting control and gel tracking dyes monitor successful procedure
  6. Automation ready: stable, room-temperature reaction setup

The UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit provides a convenient format for highly sensitive and specific hot start PCR that need to have low PCR-error rates using any DNA or cDNA template.

Dedicated processes enable ultra clean production of this master mix. These processes deplete potential background DNA to provide the cleanest sample possible. Combined with superior inhibitor resistance and minimized GC-content bias, this kit is an ideal choice for microbiome applications such as 16S or 18S amplification. This is complemented with a 70 times higher fidelity compared to Taq polymerase, thus enabling error-free amplification, as needed during cloning, amplicon-sequencing or analysis of genome-editing experiments. Additional features include visual pipetting controls, a fast cycling protocol, room-temperature stability during and after reaction setup and the ability to amplify long amplicons.

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Digital Product Profile for the UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit
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Product Profile for the UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit
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