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GeneRead DNAseq Custom Panel V2

For targeted enrichment of a customized set of genes or genomic regions specific for your human identification (HID) NGS needs
  • Outstanding sequencing performance
  • As little as 1 ng DNA needed
  • Compatible with many samples types, including FFPE samples
  • Can be used on any sequencing platform
  • Customizable for any region in the genome
GeneRead DNAseq Custom Panels V2 are the simplest tools for analyzing the genetic variants of a customized panel of genes or genomic regions via next-generation sequencing. Each panel consists of multiplex PCR primer sets, sufficient for 480 samples, to amplify genomic regions of interest tailored to your specific HID NGS needs. Our primer design and targeted enrichment chemistry provide high design coverage, specificity, and uniformity, which are essential for detecting low-frequency variants in your precious samples.
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The performance of GeneRead DNAseq Custom Panels V2 is assessed by three criteria: design coverage, specificity, and coverage uniformity. The high specificity of the system maximizes efficient use of sequencing capacity, as more than 90% of sequencing reads align to target regions. Finally, the high coverage uniformity of the system, with more than 90% of targeted bases covered at >20% median sequencing depth, ensures high-quality variant calls.
The GeneRead DNAseq Custom Panels V2 employ overlapping primer sets across the targeted regions to maximize target coverage (see figure Multiplex PCR-enabled target enrichment of genomic regions of interest). Overlapping primer sets are divided into an appropriate number of PCR pools, thereby increasing the specificity of coverage without primer dimers and nonspecific amplifications. Following amplification and purification, enriched regions from each sample are pooled together, yielding one library preparation for each sample.


GeneRead DNAseq Custom Panels V2 are part of a total workflow for targeted HID next-generation sequencing (see GeneRead DNAseq Targeted Panels V2 workflow). Simply extract DNA from your samples using any of the established QIAGEN Investigator sample prep kits for standard casework or reference samples, or choose from one of our dedicated kits for other applications, such as, RNA analysis or FFPE samples. Quantify and qualify your DNA sample with the GeneRead DNA QuantiMIZE System, and then use the GeneRead DNAseq Custom Panels V2 in combination with GeneRead DNAseq Panel PCR Kit V2 to perform targeted enrichment using multiplex PCR. Once targets have been enriched, construct the NGS library with the GeneRead Library Prep Kits and use the GeneRead DNAseq Library Quant Array to quantify and perform quality control. Perform NGS and analyze your data using the QIAGEN NGS Data Analysis Web Portal or CLC's Biomedical Workbench.

You can build your own custom panel with the online custom panel builder, or you can email your design request to BRC.Custom@qiagen.com, and one of our scientists will follow up with you. 

GeneRead DNAseq Custom Panels V2 are highly suited for enriching a panel of any genomic regions of interest in the human genome to determine genetic variants through NGS analysis for human identification applications, encompassing SNPs and other markers.

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