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R.E.A.L. Prep 96 Plasmid Kit

For rapid purification of sequencing-grade plasmid, cosmid, BAC, PAC, or P1 DNA

  • Optimized plasmid, cosmid, BAC, PAC, and P1 protocols
  • Highest possible DNA yields

R.E.A.L. Prep 96 Kits provide 96-well purification plates suitable for processing on the QIAvac 96 or BioRobot 3000 and BioRobot 8000 workstations, yielding sequencing-grade plasmid DNA.
For optimal results it is recommended to use this product together with QIAvac 96.


Applications Automated sequencing, restriction digestion, microarray etc.
Culture volume/starting material 1.3 ml culture volume
Plasmid type Plasmids, cosmids, BACs
Processing Manual (vacuum or centrifugation)
Samples per run (throughput) 1–4 x 96 samples per run
Technology QIAfilter technology
Time per run or prep per run 70 min/plate
Yield <10 µg

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For Rapid Extraction Alkaline Lysis Minipreps of plasmid, cosmid, or BAC DNA
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