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QIAcube Accessories

For automated purification of DNA, RNA, or proteins on the QIAcube

    QIAcube accessories are for use with the QIAcube for fully automated sample preparation using QIAGEN spin-column kits.

    Cat No./ID: 9017854
    Shaker Rack Plugs (12)
    Shaker Rack Plugs (12)
    Cat No./ID: 9018543
    Anti-corrosion oil (rotor), QIAC
    Anti-corrosion oil (rotor), QIAC
    Cat No./ID: 990380
    Rack Labeling Strips, Accessory Set
    Additional identification strips for the QIAcube reagent bottle rack; for use with the miRNeasy Mini Kit, DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit, MinElute Reaction Cleanup Kit, MinElute PCR Purification Kit, MinElute Gel Extraction Kit, EpiTect Bisulfite Kit, and QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit
    Cat No./ID: 990381
    Sample Tubes RB (2 ml)
    1000 safe-lock microcentrifuge tubes (2 ml) for use with the QIAcube
    Cat No./ID: 990382
    Sample Tubes CB (2 ml)
    1000 conical screw-cap tubes without skirted base (2 ml) for use with the QIAcube
    Cat No./ID: 990390
    Reagent Bottle Rack
    Rack for accommodating 6 x 30 ml reagent bottles on the QIAcube worktable
    Cat No./ID: 990391
    Rack Labeling Strips (8)
    Identification strips for the QIAcube reagent bottle rack; for use with RNeasy Mini Kits, QIAamp DNA Mini Kits, QIAquick Kits, QIAprep Spin Miniprep Kit, QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin Kit, and Ni-NTA Spin Kit
    Cat No./ID: 990393
    Reagent Bottles, 30 ml (6)
    Reagent Bottles (30 ml) with lids; pack of 6; for use with the QIAcube and QIAsymphony AS
    Cat No./ID: 990394
    Rotor Adapters (10 x 24)
    For 240 preps: 240 Disposable Rotor Adapters and 240 Elution Tubes (1.5 ml); for use with the QIAcube
    Cat No./ID: 990399
    Spin Column Adapter Rings (25)
    Spin column adapter rings for use with spin columns that have screw caps; not required for all protocols

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