liquid biopsy blood
Uncover the full discovery potential of liquid biopsy
QIAseq FX Single Cell DNA Library Kit (24)
Single-cell whole genome libraries with comprehensive coverage and high sequence fidelity
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QIAseq FX Single Cell RNA Library Kit (24)
Single cell RNA-seq libraries that provide a deeper view of the transcriptome
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QIAseq Ultra Low Input Library Kit (96)
For preparation of DNA libraries for next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications that use Illumina® instruments
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QIAseq Targeted RNA Panel (12)
Digital RNAseq for gene expression profiling
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QIAseq 1-Step Amplicon Library Kit (12)
For fast and efficient preparation of DNA libraries for use in NGS applications
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QIAseq Targeted DNA Panel (96)
Digital DNA sequencing to confidently detect low-frequency variants
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QIAseq cfDNA All-in-One Kit (96)
For conversion of cfDNA from plasma to NGS library for any liquid biopsy samples
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