Diversity and inclusion make our teams strong
Based on the philosophy that "diversity strengthens us as an organization," our leaders actively strive to promote and implement diversity at all levels. Not only does diversity make QIAGEN a better place to work, it is a key success factor on the path to achieving our mission and goals.
  • Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

    We are committed to continue creating an environment where all individuals have the opportunity to grow and contribute to our progress, regardless of their age, educational background, gender, nationality, physical abilities, race and ethical background, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Diverse individuals make better teams

    Teams strengthen our organization through the richness of their ideas and opinions. Furthermore, teams outperform and succeed when they are composed of individuals with the widest possible range of personalities, backgrounds, and traits.
  • Our individuals and teams promote diversity

    Individuals and teams alike understand the diverse needs of our customers, identify and realize cross-functional opportunities for our business areas, can quickly adapt to a fast changing environment, respect people’s cultural differences, and include a range of opinions in their thinking to encourage individuals to make a contribution with their diverse experiences and perspectives.