For highly sensitive and specific detection of GST-tagged proteins
  • Mouse monoclonal antibodies
  • Highly sensitive and specific detection
  • Sensitivity in western blots of up to 0.5 ng
  • No cross-reactivity to proteins from various other species
GST-tag Antibody allows immunologic applications such as western blot, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), and immunoprecipitation. The antibody is highly sensitive and allows detection of amounts of GST protein as low as 0.5 ng.
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GST-tag Antibody (100 µg)
100 μg anti-GST-tag antibody (lyophilized, BSA-free)
The GST-tag Antibody is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
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Sensitivity and specificity of GST-tag Antibody.|
[A] Slot blot. The indicated amounts of purified GST protein in denaturing buffer were slot blotted onto nitrocellulose membrane, probed with GST-tag Antibody at 1:1000 dilution, and detected using chemiluminescence (1 minute exposure). As little as 0.5 ng could be detected under these conditions. [B] Western blot. 100 ng of GST was mixed with 50 μg of the lysate derived from the indicated cells, separated by SDS-PAGE, and blotted onto nitrocellulose membrane. The membrane was probed with GST-tag Antibody at 1:1000 dilution and detected using chemiluminescence (1 minute exposure).|
The highly specific and sensitive GST-tag Antibody enables detection of even low amounts of GST-tagged proteins, up to 0.5 ng in western blots (see figure "Sensitivity and specificity of GST-tag Antibody").
The GST-tag is a versatile tool for purification and detection of proteins. The monoclonal antobodies have no cross-reactivity with proteins from various other species, giving highly sensitive and specific detection (see figure "Sensitivity and specificity of GST-tag Antibody").
Proteins expressed with a GST-tag are readily isolated from a lysate using Glutathione HiCap Matrix. The purity of the GST-tagged protein can be confirmed by western blotting. After transfer of the isolated protein to the membrane, this is incubated with a blocking solution to minimize non-specific background staining. The membrane is subsequently incubated with GST-tag Antibody diluted appropriately, followed by secondary antibody specific for the GST-tag Antibody. The secondary antibody is conjugated to allow chromogenic or chemiluminescent detection (see figure "Sensitivity and specificity of GST-tag Antibody").

GST-tag Antibody allows immunologic applications, such as:

  • Western blot
  • Slot blot
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
  • Immunoprecipitation
Applications Western blot, dot/slot blot, ELISA, immunoprecipitation
Detection secondary antibody required
Epitope detected Glutathione S-transferase from Schistosoma japonicum
Sensitivity in Western blots (chemiluminescent detection) 0,5 ng
Substrate for blot detection dependant on secondary antibody
Substrates for assay procedure dependant on secondary antibody
Tag GST-tag

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