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Factor Xa Protease

For endoproteolytic removal of short 6xHis affinity tags from 6xHis-tagged recombinant proteins
  • Efficient 6xHis tag cleavage: >90%
  • Protein free of vector-encoded amino acids from pQE-30 Xa vector

Factor Xa Protease is a site-specific endoprotease that preferentially cleaves the C-terminal peptide bond of the recognition sequence Ile-Glu-Gly-Arg. Therefore, Factor Xa Protease efficiently cleaves 6xHis-tagged proteins expressed by the pQE-30 Xa vector as the 6xHis tag precedes the recognition sequence, giving protein free of vector-encoded amino acids. After cleavage of the purified protein, Factor Xa Protease is removed in a batch procedure using Xa Removal Resin.


Applications Protein crystallography, structure determination studies using NMR
Efficiency of Tag removal >90%
Protease recognition site Factor Xa Protease recognition site
Special feature Protein free of vector-encoded amino acids
Tag removal Endoproteolytic

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