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Qproteome Sialic Glycoprotein Kit

For specific enrichment of glycoproteins with sialic-acid-rich glycan moieties
  • Specific separation of glycoproteins according to their glycan moieties
  • Glycoprotein profiling in cells grown under different conditions or in disease states
  • Comprehensive glycoprotein characterization 
The Qproteome Sialic Glycoprotein Kit contains three different lectin-resin-filled spin columns, buffers, and reagents for the isolation of glycoproteins with sialic-acid-rich glycan moieties from 6 cell lysate or serum samples.


Applications SDS-PAGE, mass spectrometry
Binding capacity/yield 30 µg - 150 µg
For glycoproteins: which type of glycoproteins Sialic-acid-rich glycoproteins
Fractions isolated One fraction
Protein with post-translational modification Glycosylation
Sample size 50 µl or 1 x 10e7 cells
Start material Serum, cell cultures

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