Custom miScript miRNA PCR Arrays

For SYBR® Green, real-time PCR profiling of custom miRNA panels using the miScript PCR System


  • Our verified assays, your choice of content, on single-use, ready-to-use arrays
  • Sensitive, specific, and reproducible mature miRNA profiling
  • Free online data analysis tools
Custom miScript miRNA PCR Array

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Custom miScript miRNA PCR Array
Custom miScript miRNA PCR Arrays are intended for molecular biology applications. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Custom miScript miRNA PCR Arrays are panels of miScript Primer Assays that detect your miRNAs of interest. A fully integrated component of the miScript PCR System, Custom miScript miRNA PCR Arrays are available in 96-well plates, 384-well plates, and 100-well Rotor-Discs, in a variety of plate layouts, for use with most real-time PCR cyclers (see figure  Plate layouts). To profile your custom miRNA panel of interest, simply prepare cDNA using the miScript II RT Kit with miScript HiSpec Buffer, and use this cDNA as a template in real-time PCR with your Custom miScript miRNA PCR Array and the miScript SYBR Green PCR Kit.
See Product Details for information on how to order your Custom miScript miRNA PCR Array.

Important note: This product line will be discontinued on May 1, 2021 and will be replaced by the miRCURY LNA miRNA PCR system. We strongly recommend using miRCURY LNA miRNA Custom PCR Panels for better miRNA quantification and profiling.

For more information about this transition, please visit our dedicated knowledge hub or contact us.

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The miScript PCR System enables sensitive, specific miRNA quantification and profiling using SYBR Green real-time PCR. The miScript PCR System covers all the steps involved in conversion of RNA to cDNA and subsequent real-time PCR detection of miRNAs.

Mature miRNA profiling with the miScript PCR System uses the following components:

miScript II RT Kit — this kit enables simple, single-step cDNA synthesis. A single cDNA synthesis reaction can be used for detection of hundreds to thousands of miRNAs. The dual buffer system meets the distinctive needs of miRNA quantification using real-time PCR.
miScript PreAMP PCR Kit and Primer Mixes — the kit and primer mixes enable unbiased preamplification of limited RNA amounts, allowing subsequent miRNA profiling with miScript miRNA PCR Arrays or Assays.
miScript SYBR Green PCR Kit — this kit includes QuantiTect SYBR Green PCR Master Mix and the miScript Universal Primer, a reverse primer that allows detection of miRNAs in combination with a miScript Primer Assay or miScript miRNA PCR Array.
miScript miRNA PCR Arrays and Assays — cutting-edge miScript miRNA PCR Arrays are single-use panels of 12–384 miScript Primer Assays. miScript miRNA PCR Arrays are available for biologically relevant pathway- or disease-focused panels, miRNome panels, or custom panels. 
miScript miRNA PCR Array Data Analysis Tool — free, easy-to-use data analysis software uses inputted raw CT values to automatically interpret the PCR array controls, perform relative quantification using the ∆∆CT method, and present the results in a variety of visual formats.


miRNA expression profiling with miScript miRNA PCR Arrays is straightforward and robust. First, prepare cDNA buffered with miScript HiSpec Buffer using the miScript II RT Kit. Second, add a premix of cDNA, miScript Universal Primer, QuantiTect SYBR Green PCR Master Mix, and RNase-free water to a miScript miRNA PCR Array. Third, run the reaction in a real-time PCR cycler. Finally, analyze the data using the miScript miRNA PCR Array Data Analysis Tool (see figure  miScript miRNA PCR Array workflow).

Designing your Custom miScript miRNA PCR Array

1. Select a plate layout to match the miRNA number and the number of samples you would like to analyze (see figure Plate layouts). 
2. Determine the number of plates required for your experiment.
3. Use the Excel file to enter your miRNA list. Supply the mature miRNA ID and miRBase accession number for each miRNA. (Visit GeneGlobe or miRBase to find the miRBase accession numbers for your miRNAs of interest).
4. Include the type of PCR cycler to be used for the profiling.
5. Contact Technical Service to submit your miRNA list and obtain a quote.

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Custom miScript miRNA PCR Arrays are used as part of the miScript PCR System for: 
Pathway- and disease-focused miRNA profiling
Biomarker discovery

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