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TissueLyser LT

For low- to medium-throughput sample disruption for molecular analysis
  • Simultaneous disruption of up to 12 samples
  • Compact instrument with small footprint
  • Coolable adapter to prevent biomolecule degradation
  • Reproducible results with all sample types
  • Compatible with all laboratory workflows

The TissueLyser LT is a small bead mill which provides fast, effective disruption of up to 12 samples at the same time. This throughput matches that of the QIAcube, which automates sample preparation using trusted QIAGEN spin-column kits. Simultaneous disruption and homogenization is achieved through high-speed shaking of samples in 2 ml microcentrifuge tubes with stainless steel or glass beads. The TissueLyser LT must be used in combination with the coolable TissueLyser LT Adapter, which holds tubes during the disruption process. Additional accessories include beads and bead dispensers.

Explore the virtual demo to learn more about the TissueLyser LT.

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Cat No./ID: 69980
TissueLyser LT Adapter, 12-Tube
Adapter for disruption of up to 12 samples in 2 ml microcentrifuge tubes on the TissueLyser LT
Cat No./ID: 85600
TissueLyser LT
Compact bead mill, 100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz; requires the TissueLyser LT Adapter, 12-Tube (available separately)
The TissueLyser LT is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

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The TissueLyser LT provides effective disruption of human, animal, and plant tissues, bacteria, and yeast, allowing reproducible yields of DNA, RNA, and protein in subsequent purification procedures (see figure "Effective tissue disruption"). Even difficult-to-lyse tissues such as heart and brain can be processed by the TissueLyser LT. DNA, RNA, and protein remain intact after disruption (see figures "Pure RNA with high RIN values", "Intact protein suitable for all types of analysis", "High-quality DNA from animal tissues", "High-quality DNA from plant tissues", and "Intact RNA from plant tissues"), enabling reliable analysis in downstream applications.

Disruption with the TissueLyser LT is comparable to that achieved with the well-established TissueLyser II (see figures "Effective tissue disruption", "Intact protein suitable for all types of analysis", "High-quality DNA from animal tissues", and "High-quality DNA from plant tissues").


Genotyping, gene expression, and proteomics applications demand effective disruption of biological samples to ensure high yields of DNA, RNA, and protein. The TissueLyser LT system delivers thorough and rapid disruption of samples to fully release biomolecules, and also simultaneously homogenizes samples to facilitate subsequent purification procedures using QIAGEN kits (see table "QIAGEN purification kits compatible with QIAGEN disruption systems").

The TissueLyser LT is an integral part of QIAGEN's complete solution for sample management — from sample collection to purification and analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein. The TissueLyser LT is fully compatible with QIAGEN manual sample preparation kits (see table "QIAGEN purification kits compatible with QIAGEN disruption systems"), and also complements QIAGEN's range of automated solutions for medium-throughput sample preparation and analysis (see table "QIAGEN medium-throughput automation"). These include the QIAcube, which automates sample purification using QIAGEN spin-column kits, and the QIAxcel, which automates multicapillary gel electrophoresis of DNA and RNA.

QIAGEN purification kits compatible with QIAGEN disruption systems
Analyte purified Sample typeQIAGEN kit
RNA Easy-to-lyse tissue

RNeasy Kits

RNeasy Plus Kits
RNeasy Protect Kits
RNA Fiber-rich tissue RNeasy Fibrous Tissue Kits
RNA All types of tissue RNeasy Lipid Tissue Kits
RNeasy Universal Tissue Kits
RNA Plant tissue RNeasy Plant Mini Kit
RNA Yeast RNeasy Kits
RNA Bacteria RNeasy Protect Bacteria Kits
microRNA All types of tissue miRNeasy Kits
DNA Human tissue QIAamp DNA Kits
DNA Animal tissue DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kits
Protein Tissue Qproteome Mammalian Protein Prep Kit
Phosphoprotein Tissue PhosphoProtein Purification Kit
Glycoprotein Tissue Qproteome Glycoprotein Kits
DNA and RNA Tissue AllPrep DNA/RNA Kits
DNA, RNA, and protein Tissue AllPrep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit

QIAGEN medium-throughput automation
InstrumentPurpose Throughput
QIAcube Purification of DNA, RNA, and protein Up to 12 samples per run
EZ1 Advanced Purification of DNA and RNA from human samples Up to 6 samples per run
EZ1 Advanced XL Purification of DNA and RNA from human samples Up to 14 samples per run
QIAxcel Electophoretic analysis of DNA fragments and RNA Up to 96 samples per run
QIAgility Reaction setup Up to 384 samples per run
Rotor-Gene Q Real-time PCR and high-resolution melting (HRM) analyses Up to 100 samples per run
PyroMark Q24 Methylation and mutation analyses Up to 24 samples per run

The TissueLyser LT works in combination with the TissueLyser LT Adapter. Up to twelve 2 ml tubes, each containing a sample and a bead, are loaded into the adapter, which is securely fastened to the piston of the TissueLyser LT. The piston moves up and down rapidly, leading to simultaneous disruption and homogenization of the samples due to the beating and grinding action of the beads.

The TissueLyser LT has a small footprint of 15 cm x 27 cm, allowing installation in any laboratory. As each sample is safely sealed within its own tube, the TissueLyser LT is able to disrupt multiple samples without any risk of cross-contamination. If disrupting fresh or frozen samples, the TissueLyser LT Adapter can be precooled on dry ice to prevent degradation of nucleic acids and proteins (see figures "High-quality DNA from plant tissues" and "Intact RNA from plant tissues"). Tissues stored in Allprotect Tissue Reagent (to stabilize DNA, RNA, and protein) or in RNAprotect Tissue Reagent (to stabilize RNA) require no precooling of the adapter.


The ability to process up to 12 samples per run makes the TissueLyser LT the ideal front-end solution to access biological information for genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics applications. The TissueLyser LT enables fast and uniform disruption of animal and human tissues, plant tissues, bacteria, and yeast in the TissueLyser LT Adapter, which holds up to twelve 2 ml sample tubes. Sample purification can be performed manually, or can be automated using the QIAcube, QIAsymphony SP, QIAxtractor, EZ1 Advanced, EZ1 Advanced XL, or BioRobot, or BioSprint instruments.

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For disruption of up to 12 samples on the TissueLyser LT
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For disruption of up to 12 biological samples
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