Custom QIAseq Targeted RNA Panels

QIAseq Targeted RNA Custom Panel (96)
The QIAseq Targeted RNA Custom Panel Builder is an online tool used to build fully customized panels for gene expression using RNAseq or to extend the contents of an existing QIAseq Targeted RNA Panel.

Building a custom panel allows you to choose targeted genes in order to meet the unique requirements of your project. Expand the contents of wet bench-verified panels by adding up to 25 target genes with extended panels.

  • Generate small amplicons averaging 100 bp in size to efficiently sequence low-quality RNA samples such as RNA from FFPE samples
  • Archive all your custom and extended panels for easy re-ordering or retrieval of panel specifications
  • GRCh38 as the reference genome for human
  • GRCm38 as the reference genome for mouse
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