Design your custom RT2 PCR Arrays from our collection of laboratory-verified mRNA and lncRNAs SYBR® Green qPCR Assays.

Use the RT2 mRNA qPCR Array Custom Builder to assemble your custom RT2 PCR Array by selecting from our pre-verified SYBR Green RT2 qPCR Assays for protein coding genes (mRNAs) and long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs). 

Start building your custom product today by entering or uploading your search list in the box below. NOTE: If you choose to upload your genes in an Excel file, enter identifiers in column A only.

Please consider using at least 5 controls: 2 HKG, 1 PPC, 1 GDC and 1 RTC. We cannot guarantee or support arrays without controls.

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