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Cancer Research
Focused genomic solutions that identify and measure changes in the genome
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Cancer is caused by changes to the genome that lead to aberrant cell proliferation. Genotyping technologies get to the root of cancer's origins by characterizing the genetic makeup of a cell, tumor, or individual. To help you achieve answers quickly, we have developed a complete selection of products that allow you to confidently prepare, analyze, and interpret cancer genotyping experiments.

This article explores solutions to combat the complexity of cancer research. From identifying known cancer-causing mutations to making sure novel variants implicated in cancer don't go unnoticed — our technologies help you get to the heart of cancer faster!
How can I accelerate my cancer research?
How can I identify known mutations quickly and accurately? 
How can I discover new cancer-causing mutations?
Can I profile copy number changes with high resolution?
How can I integrate diverse content sources for variant analysis?
Back to topHow can I accelerate my cancer research?
Deciphering genetic differences and linking them to biological mechanisms is crucial for sample stratification and characterization, which leads to better prognostic and therapeutic tools. Successful genotyping analysis requires sensitivity, reliability, and reproducibility. Keeping this prerequisites in mind, QIAGEN has developed a range of innovative solutions for genotyping by real-time PCR and next-generation sequencing (NGS). Our specialized technologies are designed to overcome the challenges associated with genotyping, dramatically cutting down the time spent on optimization procedures. This means you can utilize your time more efficiently and achieve reliable and reproducible data faster. From typing of disease or cancer loci to biomarker discovery — we've got it all covered.

Back to topHow can I identify known mutations quickly and accurately?
For somatic mutation detection, it is important to select technologies that are best poised to answer the biological question of interest. For the detection of previously identified mutations, real-time PCR offers high sensitivity, supports a large number of samples, and yields easy-to-analyze data. For example, qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Assays from QIAGEN support the detection of over 1200 specific cancer mutations and can be combined into qPCR arrays for testing related mutations simultaneously.

Back to topHow can I discover new cancer-causing mutations?
Target-enriched next-generation sequencing can accelerate the discovery of novel mutations implicated in cancer. QIAGEN's GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panels, which are multiplexed PCR reagents that enrich for genes commonly associated with specific cancers, provide unbiased mutation detection. Got access to an NGS instrument? Then, take advantage of these target enrichment panels for routine mutation detection.

Back to topCan I profile copy number changes with high resolution?
qBiomarker Copy Number PCR Arrays and Assays allow targeted screening or verification of copy number alterations (CNA) and copy number variations (CNV). QIAGEN has developed the highest resolution gene copy number qPCR assay pipeline, with over 10 million unique assays in humans and 9 million assays in mice.

Back to topHow can I integrate diverse content sources for variant analysis?
Ingenuity Variant Analysis is the leading application for analysis and interpretation of human sequencing data generated with next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. The application uses accurate, curated biological content from the Ingenuity Knowledge Base, plus many additional sources of variant-level content, to help researchers studying genetics and disease biology to quickly sift through millions of variants and identify causal variants based on known relationships with pathways, genes, biological processes, and diseases. Sharing features enable collaboration with colleagues and peers, and data and graphics can be exported to aid in manuscript preparation for publication.

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qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Array
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