PyroMark Custom Assays
PyroMark Custom Assay Design
GeneGlobe - PyroMark Custom Assays ordering
User-designed PCR primers and sequencing primers (e.g. with the PyroMark Assay Design Software 2.0) for use with PyroMark systems can be ordered as ready-to-use PyroMark Custom Assays in two different throughput scales.
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Enter a name for your assay. This should be a maximum of 24 characters. The name is an identifier of your PyroMark Custom Assay and will appear on your PyroMark Custom Assay certificate and on the tubes.

DNA target sequences have to be entered using the abbreviations listed below.

  • A Adenine
  • C Cytosine
  • G Guanine
  • T Thymine

Degenerate base symbols (IUPAC)

R A or G
Y C or T
W A or T
S G or C
M A or C
K G or T
H A, C, or T
B G, C, or T
V G, A, or C
D G, A, or T
N G, A, C, or T

The length of your forward and reverse PCR primers must be between 12 and 60 bases.
The length of your sequencing primer must be between 12 and 30 bases.