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Use the PyroMark CpG Assay plate designer to assemble your custom plate of pre-designed CpG Assays from our database of over 84,000 individual assays for the human, mouse, and rat genomes.

PyroMark CpG Assays are predesigned DNA methylation assays for Pyrosequencing analysis, delivering highly specific quantification of CpG methylation for individual or multiple CpG sites. Each ready-to-use assay includes PCR and sequencing primers that have been designed by a rigorously tailored algorithm, along with an assay setup file and information about the CpG sites covered by the assay. For most CpG islands multiple PyroMark Assays are available. You may select an assay which covers those DNA methylation sites you are interested in or chose all available assays to evaluate the best methylation sites for your research.


PyroMark CpG Assays 96 plate are available in two scales, 200 reactions and 50 reactions. Minimum order number of PyroMark CpG Assays 96 plate are 24 assays per plate.

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