QIAcuity Control Software

Version 2.5


The QIAcuity Control Software is an integral part of the QIAcuity instrument. It offers a GUI (graphical user interface) for basic functionalities such as plate setup, changing the order of plates to be processed, and monitoring the status of runs in real time. After a run is completed, the data are stored on the instrument’s memory and are sent to the connected QIAcuity Software Suite for analysis.

The new version 2.5 of the QIAcuity CSW offers a configurable auto logoff times which enables users to turn off or define logoff times per instrument. In addition the new version supports assay development by providing an essential temperature gradient functionality.

Furthermore improvements were implemented, for example, for the accuracy of time estimation for various software steps.

Detailed information about the QIAcuity Control Software version 2.5 is available in the Release Note, which can also be downloaded under section Software Release Notes.


Note: The latest CSW version 2.5 is only compatible with the Software Suite version 2.5. If only one software component is updated, no connection between the Software Suite and the CSW can be established.

Important: Please follow the instructions provided in the QIAcuity User Manual for software version 2.5 and in the Release Note.

It is strongly recommended to update the QIAcuity Software Suite first before proceeding with the QIAcuity Control Software!

Note: After clicking reboot during CSW upgrade or change of Suite connection, the login screen may appear for short period. Please ignore it and wait for the QIAcuity instrument to shut down and restart itself.


Please contact QIAGEN Technical Services if you are unsure and require technical support.


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