Small Molecules with Big Impact: Functional Studies of miRNAs

Tools for miRNA functional analysis such as miRNA mimics and inhibitors are commonly used to elucidate the targets and roles of particular miRNAs. These experiments enable study of the biological effects of misregulation of individual miRNAs as well as confirmation of specific genes as targets of individual miRNAs. Here we present an innovative new tool designed to help investigate how miRNAs regulate their targets, and to provide valuable insights into the roles of miRNAs in regulation of individual genes.

The webinar will cover:

  • Manipulation of miRNA regulation by transfection of synthetic miRNA
  • Downregulation or derepression of target genes
  • Specific inhibition of miRNA regulation of a single target

Constanze Kindler, Ph.D.

Constanze Kindler

Dr. Constanze Kindler joined QIAGEN in Hilden, Germany in 1993, where she held various positions in Sales and Global Marketing. She received her Ph.D in Molecular Biology from the University of Münster in 1993. Currently Dr. Kindler is Senior Global Product Manager Sample Technologies with a focus on liquid biopsy applications.