Pyrosequencing for CpG Methylation Analysis in Epigenetics Research

Pyrosequencing is a real-time, quantitative sequencing technology that was first developed by Dr. Pal Nyren from Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology. The technology was further enhanced by Biotage's Biosystems, and later acquired by QIAGEN in late 2008. Since the first Pyrosequencing instruments were sold in 2000, scientists have used this next-generation sequencing chemistry in various academic, clinical, and industrial settings for many different purposes. It has become the gold standard for CpG methylation analysis.

The following topics are discussed in the webinar:
  • The fundamental concepts of Pyrosequencing technology
  • Examples of how researchers are currently using QIAGEN's PyroMark systems for CpG methylation analysis
  • The epigenetics workflow: CpG methylation research using Pyrosequencing along with other QIAGEN solutions such as our EpiTect products, PyroMark kits and reagents, and our HRM platform, the Rotor-Gene Q

Frank Fischinger MS, MBA

Frank Fischinger is currently a senior member of QIAGEN's North American PyroMark Field Applications Group. Frank is one of QIAGEN's Pyrosequencing experts providing field support to researchers and clinicians with their PyroMark systems and Pyrosequencing applications. Frank has five years experience in methylation assay design, assay optimization, and assay troubleshooting using Pyrosequencing technology. In addition, Frank has managed the Clinical Neuroimmunology lab at the University of Chicago and has provided field technical support for Abbot Molecular Diagnostics Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization and Microarray platforms. Frank was awarded an MS/MBA dual degree in Molecular Pharmacology and Marketing from Loyola University Chicago.