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Qproteome Mammalian Protein Prep Kit

For total protein preparations from mammalian cells
  • Gentle but effective cell lysis for high yields of active proteins
  • Simple procedure, no specialized equipment required
  • Highly reproducible procedure, consistent results time after time

The kit contains a lysis buffer for total protein preparations from mammalian cells for use in proteomics procedures.

Cat No./ID: 37901
Qproteome Mammalian Protein Prep Kit
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For approximately 100 protein preparations from cultured mammalian cells: Buffer, Reagents, Protease Inhibitor Solution, Benzonase
Efficient extraction of proteins from cultured cells.
Duplicate samples (each 5 x 106 cells) from the indicated cell lines were processed using the Qproteome Mammalian Protein Prep Kit. Proteins in the supernatants (S) and pellets (dissolved in 4% SDS, P) were separated by SDS-PAGE. The presence and location of the indicated proteins was analyzed by probing western blots with the relevant protein-specific antibody and chemiluminescent detection. M: markers.

The Qproteome Mammalian Protein Prep Kit enables efficient extraction of total protein from cultured mammalian cells (see figure "Efficient extraction of proteins from cultured cells").

The efficiency of extraction is demonstrated in the table below:

Highly efficient total protein extraction
Cell line Protein yield (µg)Solubilization (%)
COS 660 93
HeLa 1580 97
CHO  1120  98 
HIH  660  97 
Jurkat  530  96 


The Qproteome Mammalian Protein Prep Kit provides gentle but efficient detergent-based lysis of mammalian cells to deliver a soluble protein fraction suitable for any downstream application. Cell pellets are incubated with Mammalian Cell Lysis Buffer supplemented with Benzonase — an enzyme that digests nucleic acids — and a protease inhibitor, which protects the released proteins from enzymatic degradation. No specialized equipment is required.


Cells are simply incubated with lysis buffer and centrifuged to separate cell debris. The supernatant contains the soluble protein fraction, which can be further purified or directly analyzed, for example by SDS-PAGE.


The Qproteome Mammalian Protein Prep Kit is used for total protein preparations from mammalian cells for proteomics procedures (e.g., 2D-PAGE, mass spectrometry).

Applications SDS-PAGE, mass spectrometry
Binding capacity/yield 780–1700 µg
Fractions isolated One fraction
Sample size 5–10 x 10e6 cells
Species Mammal
Start material Cell lysate
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