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Specifically quantify DNA, RNA and possible impurities.

The QIAxpert helps you understand your samples better than ever before. In addition to classical UV-Vis quantification of nucleic acids, QIAxpert can differentiate DNA, RNA and sample impurities, giving you a clear picture of what really is in your samples.
Assessing sample quantity and purity
How the QIAxpert works
How the QIAxpert can help you
Technical specifications

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Back to topAssessing sample quantity and purity
Determining the nucleic acid concentration and purity is a key QC step to ensure success of your downstream experiments. Traditional UV/Vis spectrophotometers cannot differentiate DNA from RNA and only provide quantification of total nucleic acid in your samples. This leaves you in the dark regarding the presence and concentration of other interfering nucleic acids.

Furthermore, nucleic acid samples are often contaminated with other molecules with which they are co-extracted and eluted during purification, and these contaminants can severely impact the success of enzymatic reactions.

By applying smart analysis algorithms for spectral content profiling, QIAxpert lets you differentiate between DNA and RNA and possible sample contaminants. This valuable information lets you make well-informed decisions regarding how to proceed with your samples (see figure RNA spectral profiling analysis).

Back to topHow the QIAxpert works
It only takes a few simple steps to load samples into the QIAxpert and receive your results on-screen and in exportable format. Simply pipet 2 µl of each sample for up to 16 samples onto a QIAxpert Slide. Once loaded, samples can be held in the microfluidic capillaries of the QIAxpert Slide for up to 2 hours (see figure Microfluidic features of the QIAxpert Slide). This lets users batch samples and minimize the time spent at the instrument.

Samples are measured immediately upon inserting the QIAxpert Slide into the instrument. Additional information and settings can be entered while QIAxpert reads the samples, thereby saving time. The readout of 16 samples is completed within 2 minutes, and results are displayed directly on the integrated touchscreen. Quantification of nucleic acids and proteins can be performed by traditional absorbance readings (A260 or A280) or by using unique spectral content profiling protocols that automatically hone in on the molecule of interest by fitting with reference spectra. Data are easily exported to a USB stick or networked device. A report can also be printed or displayed on a smartphone or tablet by scanning a displayed QR code (see figure Flexible report options to meet your needs).

See more details in the QIAxpert virtual demo tool.

Back to topHow the QIAxpert can help you
If you are looking for a smarter solution for assessing nucleic acid quantity and quality, look no further. The QIAxpert spectrophotometer provides a detailed insight into your sample’s quantity and purity by analyzing your nucleic acid with spectral content profiling. This proprietary analysis feature lets you specifically quantify DNA, RNA and total nucleic acids and also provides information regarding residual impurities.

Along with the next-generation analysis protocols, QIAxpert users particularly like the clean and simple way of loading samples, the fast measurements and the comprehensive reports that can be automatically exported.

Back to topTechnical specifications
  • Only 2 µl of sample required
  • Easy sample loading with capillary intake and storage
  • Samples are stable for up to 2 h with no evaporation
  • Flexible loading of 1–16 samples
  • Unused positions on slide can be used later
  • No cross-contamination, no cleaning step
  • 0.5 mm optical path; 0.03 to 40 OD (10 mm equivalent)
  • DNA range: 1.5–2000 ng/μl dsDNA (A260)

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