What is the use of the PyroMark control oligo?
FAQ ID -9067

The PyroMark Control Oligo is a self-priming oligo which can be used directly in the pyrosequencing reaction without an extra sequencing primer. It was designed for installation of the different PyroMark systems and can be used for general troubleshooting.

It can be used directly for sequencing without previous PCR setup and sample preparation by the vacuum prep tool. By this test, the performance of the instrument can be checked.

In addition, it can also be processed through the vacuum sample preparation to check the performance of this procedure. The control oligo run results in a defined pyrograms with certain peak heights for the individual instruments which are described in the handbook.

The PyroMark Control Oligo can be used on all PyroMark systems including the Q24Q24 advanced, Q96 ID, and Q96 MD.