Biologically interpret RNAseq data with IPA

Sep 20, 2017 9:30 AM–10:30 AM (EDT)
Duration: 1hrs

In this webinar, we will show the Expression Analysis results generated from a QIAseq Targeted RNA-seq panel dataset. You can find out how to view and interpret your Expression Analysis results in IPA and learn about the multiple ways of relating the molecules in your dataset to the body of information in the Ingenuity Knowledge Base.

Discover more about:

  • Signaling and metabolic canonical pathways enriched in your data
  • Biological functions and diseases that are over-represented in your data
  • Predicted upstream regulators that may explain the expression changes observed in your data
  • How IPA's integration of analysis results creates causal hypotheses about how upstream regulators influence downstream phenotypes and biological functions
  • Interaction networks (algorithmically-generated pathways describing potential molecular interactions in you experimental system)
  • Molecules and biological processes that are predicted to be activated or inhibited in your experimental system

Jasmin Droege, Ph.D.

Dr. Droege is a Senior Scientist in the Advanced Genomics Scientific and Technical Support team. Jasmin completed her Ph.D. in Phylogenetics and genomic analyses at the Institute of Bioinformatics at the University of Münster. Prior to this, she completed her undergraduate studies in Biology at the University of Göttingen. In 2014, Jasmin joined BIOBASE as a Field Application Scientist and is a specialist on our expertly curated databases as well as IPA. Jasmin has delivered numerous talks and trainings on our bioinformatics solutions across Europe.