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Blood & Cell Culture DNA Maxi Kit

For isolation of up to 500 µg high-molecular-weight DNA from blood and cultured cells
  • Reliable isolation of DNA up to 150 kb in size
  • No phenol or chloroform extractions
  • Convenient, parallel processing of multiple samples

Blood & Cell Culture DNA Kits provide gravity-flow, anion-exchange tips and buffers for the efficient purification of genomic DNA from a wide range of biological samples. The purified DNA is sized up to 150 kb with an average size of 50–100 kb.

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Cat No./ID: 13362
Blood & Cell Culture DNA Maxi Kit (10)
10 QIAGEN Genomic-tip 500/G, QIAGEN Protease, Buffers
The Blood & Cell Culture DNA Maxi Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Genomic DNA of up to 150 kb.
Pulse-field gel electrophoresis of DNA (2 µg) purified using QIAGEN Genomic-tips. M: markers.
QIAGEN Genomic-tip procedure.

The QIAGEN Genomic-tip procedure is very gentle and results in negligible DNA shearing. DNA purified with QIAGEN Genomic-tips is sized up to 150 kb with an average length of 50–100 kb (see figure "Genomic DNA of up to 150 kb"). The DNA is free of all contaminants such as RNA, protein, and metabolites, and has A260/A280 ratios between 1.7 and 1.9.

The exceptionally large size of the obtained DNA makes it especially suitable for the preparation of high-quality libraries for next generation sequencing (NGS) on different platforms and is recommended by several core facilities.

Typical yields using the Blood & Cell Culture DNA Maxi Kit
Sample sourceYield (µg)
Whole blood (human)
20 ml350–400
Cultured cells (HeLa)
1 x 108350–450


QIAGEN Genomic-tips, included in Blood & Cell Culture DNA Kits, use unique QIAGEN anion-exchange technology to purify high-molecular-weight DNA from a wide range of biological samples without phenol or chloroform. Lysis buffers are optimized for different sample types and provide immediate denaturation of proteins such as nucleases, histones, and DNA-binding proteins, as well as potentially infectious viral particles. Under the pH and low-salt conditions provided by the buffer, DNA binds to the QIAGEN Resin in the column while other cell constituents such as proteins, carbohydrates, and metabolites flow through. Purified DNA is eluted in high-salt buffer. Genomic-tips operate by gravity flow, and can be left unattended without running dry. This reduces hands-on time to a minimum and makes the procedure ideal for simultaneous processing of multiple samples.


Samples are first lysed (tissue samples are mechanically disrupted) and proteins simultaneously denatured in the appropriate lysis buffer (see flowchart "QIAGEN Genomic-tip procedure"). QIAGEN Protease or Proteinase K is then added and after a suitable incubation period, lysates are loaded onto the QIAGEN Genomic-tip. DNA binds to the column while other cell constituents pass through. Following a wash step to remove any remaining contaminants, pure, high-molecular-weight DNA is eluted and precipitated with isopropanol. Hands-on time for the complete procedure is just 30 minutes for blood and cultured cells.

Blood & Cell Culture DNA Kits are ready-to-use kits containing all the necessary components for purification of high-molecular-weight DNA from blood and cultured cells.


DNA purified with the Blood & Cell Culture DNA Maxi Kit is well suited for use in the following applications:

  • Sanger and next generation sequencing
  • RFLP analysis
  • Analysis of gene targeting
  • Screening of transgenic animals
  • DNA fingerprinting studies
  • PCR amplification


Applications PCR, RFLP, blotting, screening
Elution volume 0.1–2 ml
Format Genomic tip
Main sample type Blood, cells
Processing Manual
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or protein DNA
Sample amount 20 ml/1 x 10e8
Technology Anion-exchange technology
Yield 350–400 µg

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