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Are you tired of dealing with the QIAxtractor silicone mat? Would you like access to improved nucleic acid purification chemistry? Do you want to extend your application range? We have great news for all QIAxtractor users — now you can upgrade your QIAxtractor instrument and start taking advantage of new features and benefits!

With the new QIAcube HT system, we have simplified and improved mid- to high-throughput nucleic acid purification. QIAxtractor users can very easily upgrade their existing instruments and get the same benefits of this new system. Dedicated QIAcube HT purification kits and plasticware increase reliability and convenience and provide the same high-quality results as other trusted QIAGEN purification technologies. Now you can quickly and easily purify DNA, RNA, and miRNA from almost any type of sample — including cells, tissues, bacteria, viruses, and food material. Find out more below!
Upgrading your QIAxtractor instrument
To upgrade your existing QIAxtractor instrument for processing dedicated QIAcube HT purification kits, you must:
  1. Purchase and install the Accessories Pack, QXT (cat. no. 9022649).
  2. Download and install the QIAcube HT software, version 4.17 from the QIAcube HT "Resources" tab.
    Note: Refer to the Accessories Pack, QXT Product Sheet for detailed instructions for installing the Accessories Pack, QXT and upgrading to QIAcube HT software.
  3. Download and install the corresponding Q Protocol and Q Protocol Run File from the QIAcube HT "Resources" tab.
  4. Refer to the QIAcube HT User Manual, which can be dowloaded from the QIAcube HT "Resources" tab, for instructions on setting up a purification run and using the new software.
Important points before installing QIAcube HT software
  • Q Protocols designated for use with DX or VX Reagents and QIAxtractor are not compatible with QIAcube HT software. Users who wish to continue using DX or VX Reagents should not upgrade to QIAcube HT software.
  • QIAcube HT software must be installed by a user with Windows administrator rights.
  • During installation of QIAcube HT software, the QIAxtractor software will be uninstalled. We recommend that during the installation procedure, you click to agree to migrate your previously generated data (settings, calibration data, and run files) to the QIAcube HT software.
  • User groups in QIAcube HT software will be changed, and users need to be reassigned after installation. For more information refer to the QIAcube HT User Manual.
  • X-tractor Gene Instruments are not compatible with the Accessories Pack, QXT and cannot be upgraded for use with QIAcube HT Kits.

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For automated mid- to high-throughput nucleic acid purification on the QIAcube HT
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DNeasy mericon 96 QIAcube HT Kit (5)
For automated high-throughput isolation of DNA from raw or processed food samples
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QIAamp 96 DNA QIAcube HT Kit (5)
For automated high-throughput isolation of total DNA from blood, cells, and tissues
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For automated high-throughput isolation of RNA from animal and human cells and tissue
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Instrument User Manuals
Instrument user manual for automated mid- to high-throughput nucleic acid purification in 96-well format using silica membrane technology; for use with QIAcube HT Operating Software 4.17; not for use with QIAcube HT Prep Manager Software
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Operating Software
QIAcube HT instrument operating software. We recommend installing the new improved QIAcube HT Prep Manager Software, which offers a state-of-the-art user-interface and a wizard-guided experimental setup for quick and easy purification experiments.

Important: It is not possible to install both QIAcube HT Operating Software 4.17 and QIAcube HT Prep Manager Software on the same computer. Please uninstall Prep Manager Software before installing QIAcube HT Operating Software 4.17. For more information, contact QIAGEN Technical Services.
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Brochures & Guides
For fast and reliable automated 96-well nucleic acid purification
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