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RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit

For the isolation of total RNA from stool and gut material
  • Fast and easy protocol isolates high-quality total RNA in less than 45 minutes
  • Efficient isolation of total RNA from difficult microbiome samples
  • Highly pure RNA isolation with Inhibitor Removal Technology
  • Simple co-isolation of miRNA and DNA using an on-column procedure
Get high-quality RNA fast, free of lingering PCR inhibitors with the RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit. Designed for purification of total RNA from stool, dried feces, gut material, contaminated buccal swabs and secretions, the RNeasy Power Microbiome Kit isolates RNA that is ready for demanding downstream applications including RT-PCR, qPCR and RNA-seq. Digested food, heme from lysed red blood cells in stool and other PCR inhibitors are no match for the Inhibitor Removal Technology that is included in the kit. The RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit also isolates miRNA and can optionally co-isolate DNA using a simple, on-column procedure using reagents provided with the kit.

RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit was formerly sold by MO BIO as PowerMicrobiome RNA Isolation Kit.
Cat No./ID: 26000-50
RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit (50)
$10,378.00 MXN
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For the isolation of total RNA from stool and gut material
Cat No./ID: 26000-50-1
Solution PM1 (55 ml)
$1,179.00 MXN
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RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit Components
Cat No./ID: 26000-50-2
IRS Solution (11 ml)
$1,464.00 MXN
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RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit Components
Cat No./ID: 26000-50-3
Solution PM3 (36 ml)
$1,179.00 MXN
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RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit Components
Cat No./ID: 26000-50-4
Solution PM4 (72 ml)
$1,951.00 MXN
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RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit Components
Cat No./ID: 26000-50-5
Solution PM5 (90 ml)
$2,765.00 MXN
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RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit Components
The RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
Figure 1. High-quality, intact total RNA isolated from human stool using the RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit.
Healthy volunteer samples were collected and total RNA purified using the RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit. Profiling and quantification of 1 µl of RNA was performed using an Agilent Bioanalyzer RNA Nano Kit chip. In the electropherogram, clear 16S and 23S bands are shown for prokaryotic rRNA. RNA processed through the RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit was demonstrated to be high-quality by an RIN of 9.4. (Data kindly provided by C. Vincent, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.)
Figure 2. RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit isolated high-quality total RNA from canine stool samples.
Experimental RNA preservation solution was used to preserve fresh stool samples at room temperature or on ice. Collection and processing occurred within the same 24-hour period. RNeasy PowerMicrobiome Kit was used to isolate total RNA. Each sample (10 µl per) was examined on a 1% agarose gel.

Bead size 0.1 mm glass
Binding capacity Up to 40 µg per prep
Format Silica Spin Filter Tubes
Processing Bead beating
Sample size 0.25 g
Sample types Stool, gut material, dried feces, contaminated buccal swabs and secretions
Storage temperature Store lyophilized DNase I at 4°C All other kit reagents and components should be stored at room temperature (15-30°C)
Throughput 1-24 samples
Time per run or per prep 45 minutes

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