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Microbial DNA qPCR Multi-Assay Kits

For real-time PCR-based, application-specific microbial identification or profiling; includes 3–6 assay tubes in one box for 20 reactions
  • Complete kit for microbial profiling with assays, controls, and reagents 
  • Includes a panel of experimentally verified Microbial DNA qPCR Assays
  • Uses 5' hydrolysis probe detection for high sensitivity and specificity
Microbial DNA qPCR Multi-Assay Kits are a complete solution for real-time PCR-based microbial detection. Microbial DNA qPCR Multi-Assay Kits contain a panel of Microbial DNA qPCR Assays, which are a mix of two PCR primers (10 µM each) and one 5′-hydrolysis probe (5 µM) that enable quantitative real-time PCR. The kit also contains everything required for a successful qPCR run, including Microbial DNA Positive Control, Positive PCR Control, Microbial DNA-Free Water and Microbial qPCR Mastermix.

What is the difference between microbial identification and profiling? Identification is determining the microbe’s presence or absence in your sample which requires running a No Template Control during your analysis. Profiling is determining the microbe’s relative expression in two or more experimental conditions for which you will need to run a reference sample and a normalizer (provided by QIAGEN).
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