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EZ1 Advanced DSP Virus Card

For easy setup using the EZ1 Advanced and EZ1 DSP Virus Kit for in vitro diagnostic use

  • Easy protocol setup with credit-card ease of use
  • Standardized processing ensures reproducible results
  • Advanced process safety through sample tracking

The EZ1 Advanced DSP Virus Card is preprogrammed with protocols for purification of viral nucleic acids and bacterial DNA from human serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine, whole blood, stool, transport media, respiratory samples, and dried swabs using the EZ1 DSP Virus Kit (for North America click here) on the EZ1 Advanced. These protocols provide both on-screen instructions for the user and operating commands for the EZ1 Advanced instrument.

EZ1 Advanced DSP Virus Cards are used in combination with EZ1 DSP Kits on the EZ1 Advanced. Please refer to the specific EZ1 Kit handbook and the EZ1 Advanced User Manual for information about product use.