A microbiome is a community of organisms that live together in any given habitat. Although scientists speculate the interaction of the human microbiomes with the human body, little is known on how these interactions affect human health and disease. To characterize unculturable microbes, researchers use comprehensive technologies like Next generation sequencing (NGS)to infiltrate the metagenome and identify microbial communities in complex human samples. In this webinar, we discuss how 16S/ITS and microbial whole genome metagenomics are both great tools for microbial profiling. In addition, we will showcase our solutions that overcome common challenges in microbial profiling and meet your analysis needs to provide unprecedented information about the human microbial communities.  
About the speaker
Dylan Barbera, Global Product Manager, UNGS Genotyping
Dylan Barbera received his bachelors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in Microbiology from The Pennsylvania State University. He received his Master's of Science from Mount St. Mary's University in Biotechnology and Management. Dylan began his career in NGS in 2015 and joined QIAGEN in 2016 as a Quality Control Scientist. He currently serves as a Global Product Manager for QIAGEN's portfolio of Microbiology and Whole Genome Sequencing NGS products.
Date of recording:Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Duration:60 minutes
Next Generation Sequencing