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PowerLyzer 24

For lysing samples in less time, at lower speeds and fewer cycles

  • Process 24 samples at a time in 2 ml tubes
  • Fast homogenization in as little as 30 seconds
  • Homogenizes tough samples with a choice of mixing speeds and cycle-interval times
  • Highly suited for use with DNA and RNA extraction kits

The PowerLyzer 24 Homogenizer uses a unique combination of bead-beating technology, high-velocity motion and horizontal tube positioning to efficiently grind biological samples with less heat generation than with other instruments. It can be programmed with up to 99 customizable program settings to suit different sample types. This adaptability comes through precise rotation speed ranging from 500 to 5000 rpm. The system has up to 10 programmable cycle-interval times from one second to five minutes.


For low-throughput sample disruption for molecular analysis

  • Rapid and effective disruption of a range of sample types
  • Disposable probes help eliminate cross-contamination and save time
  • Visual monitoring of disruption using transparent probes
  • Seamless integration with QIAGEN sample technologies

The TissueRuptor is a handheld rotor-stator homogenizer that provides rapid, efficient and flexible disruption of human, animal and plant samples for a wide range of downstream applications. The TissueRuptor uses disposable probes, which help minimize the risk of cross-contamination and save valuable time since no cleaning is required after each sample homogenization. Plus, these probes are transparent, so you can have visual control of the sample disruption process.

TissueLyser II

For medium- to high-throughput sample disruption for molecular analysis

  • Convenient and secure disruption process
  • Adapter sets optimized for high-throughput disruption
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Reproducible results with difficult-to-lyse tissues
  • Front-end solution for QIAGEN automation

The TissueLyser II simultaneously disrupts multiple biological samples through high-speed shaking in plastic tubes with stainless steel, tungsten carbide or glass beads. Up to 48 or 192 samples can be processed at the same time using the appropriate adapter set, and larger samples can be processed using a grinding jar set. A range of beads, bead dispensers and collection microtubes and caps are also available. All accessories for the TissueLyser II, including adapter sets, are also compatible with the first-generation TissueLyser (no longer available).

QIAcube Connect

Redefining automated sample processing

  • Automation of over 80 QIAGEN kits
  • Purification of DNA, RNA and proteins
  • Elimination of manual processing steps
  • Standardization of workflows and results
  • Quick response times, remote monitoring
  • Highest safety standards for researchers

With its advanced digital capabilities, QIAcube Connect enables any research lab to standardize sample processing workflows. QIAcube Connect offers a new dimension of utility, fully automating nucleic acid extraction using QIAGEN spin column kits, for increased confidence in valuable insights - at a push of a button.

QIAcube HT

For automated mid- to high-throughput nucleic acid purification in 96-well format

  • Reliable DNA, RNA and miRNA purification from virtually any sample type
  • Mid- to high-throughput solution with dedicated purification kits saves costs and time
  • User-friendly software allows for easy data management and documentation
  • Innovative design features increase safety and minimize cross-contamination
  • Convenient, flexible and easy-to-use instrument with small footprint

QIAcube HT enables automated mid- to high-throughput nucleic acid purification in 96-well format using silica membrane technology. Users can quickly and easily purify DNA, RNA and miRNA from almost any type of sample, including cells, tissues and stool samples, as well as from bacteria and viruses in animal samples. Automated protocols and dedicated QIAcube HT Purification Kits and plasticware increase reliability and convenience and save valuable time. The system provides the same high-quality results as other trusted QIAGEN purification technologies.

QIAsymphony SP

For fully integrated automation of complete workflows, from sample preparation to assay setup

  • Innovative, easy-to-use modular system with built-in touchscreen
  • Purification of DNA and RNA from a wide range of samples
  • Automatic transfer of eluates to the QIAsymphony AS for assay setup
  • Continuous sample loading, with bar code reading for sample tracking
  • Import of sample lists and export of sample sheets

With a dedicated range of QIAsymphony Kits, the QIAsymphony SP enables sample preparation of DNA, RNA and bacterial and viral nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials. The QIAsymphony AS extends the capabilities of the QIAsymphony SP by integrating automated PCR assay setup, which, in combination with the Rotor-Gene Q and QIAGEN real-time and end-point PCR kits, enables you to optimize your PCR workflow and maximize your efficiency.

EZ1 Advanced XL

For automated purification of nucleic acids from up to 14 human, forensic or molecular diagnostics samples

  • High-quality genomic DNA and RNA from a range of sample materials
  • Viral RNA and DNA and bacterial DNA from biomedical samples
  • Throughput of up to 14 samples per run
  • Effortless data management with full traceability
  • UV lamp to help minimize contamination risk

The EZ1 Advanced XL performs automated nucleic acid purification for a wide range of sample types relevant for molecular diagnostics, human identity testing, forensics, biomedical research and gene expression analysis.


For accelerated DNA, RNA and protein quantification and quality control

  • Quantify nucleic acids from up to 16 samples in less than 2 minutes
  • Discriminate between molecules of interest using unique spectral protocols
  • Determine specific amounts of DNA, RNA and other contaminating fractions
  • Rapidly perform analyses via the intuitive, full-color integrated touchscreen
  • Generate comprehensive reports to view on any computer or smart device

QIAxpert is an innovative, high-speed microfluidic UV/VIS spectrophotometer that profiles sample content to differentiate between DNA, RNA and sample impurities. QIAxpert is fast and easy to use, analyzing up to 16 samples within 2 minutes – just pipet your samples onto the QIAxpert slide, place it into the reader and select the pre-programmed method on the integrated touchscreen. QIAxpert is the right tool for any fast-paced lab performing nucleic acid quantification and quality control.

QIAxcel Advanced

For effortless DNA and RNA analysis

  • Rapid analysis of up to 96 samples without manual intervention
  • Safety and convenience with ready-to-use gel cartridges
  • Accurate analysis of low-concentration nucleic acids with 3–5 bp resolution
  • User-friendly analysis software that supports electronic signatures and records
  • Objective RNA quality measurement with the RNA Integrity Score (RIS)

QIAxcel Advanced replaces traditional, labor-intensive gel analysis of DNA and RNA, streamlining workflows and reducing the time to results. QIAxcel Advanced fully automates sensitive, high-resolution capillary electrophoresis of up to 96 samples per run. DNA fragment analysis of 12 samples can be performed in as little as 3 minutes. Ready-to-run gel cartridges allow 96 samples to be analyzed with mimimal hands-on interaction, reducing manual handling errors and eliminating tedious gel preparation. User-friendly QIAxcel ScreenGel software ensures convenient analysis and data documentation. The QIAGEN RNA Integrity Score (RIS) gives you an objective quality measurement of eukaryotic RNA samples for easy interpretation of sample integrity.


For rapid, high-precision automated PCR setup

  • Automated PCR setup in all formats
  • Convenient, easy-to-use software
  • Pre-optimized experiment setup
  • Standardized results and increased productivity
  • Elimination of manual pipetting steps

The QIAgility is a compact benchtop instrument that enables rapid, high-precision setup of PCR experiments with ready-to-use software for ease and convenience. The software provides step-by-step guidance for worktable setup and automatic calculation of all mixes, eliminating the need to program pipetting steps. Just select the kit and cycler, define your targets and start the run. For added flexibility the QIAgility is operated via a laptop computer.

QIAsymphony AS

For fully integrated automation of complete workflows, from sample preparation to assay setup

  • Automatic transfer of eluates from QIAsymphony SP for assay setup
  • Full temperature control and active cooling of templates, reagents and reaction mixes
  • Liquid level detection and reliable 4-channel system for PCR setup
  • Dedicated software and bi-directional data exchange with LIMS

The QIAsymphony AS extends the capabilities of the QIAsymphony SP by seamlessly integrating automated PCR assay setup. Easy-to-use software and validated protocols enable setup of multiple different PCRs per run. Combined with the Rotor-Gene Q and QIAGEN real-time and end-point PCR kits, QIAsymphony AS optimizes your PCR workflow and maximizes your efficiency.

QIAamplifier 96

For fast and high-performance end-point PCR experiments in a 96-well format

  • Fast-cycling protocol, down to 45 minutes for 30 cycles
  • Temperature ramping rates up to 4°C/s
  • Temperature uniformity down to ±0.2°C across the sample block
  • Linear gradient function for assay optimization

The QIAamplifier 96 is a fast and high-performance 96-well block system for all end-point PCR requirements. It is equipped with a heated smart lid for consistency of results. Low noise with a maximum of 45 decibels when running makes it a low-profile lab companion. The QIAamplifier 96 is designed to last and will deliver consistent and reproducible results run after run.


For fast and high-performance real-time PCR in a 96- or 384-well format

  • Fast-cycling protocol, down to 30 minutes for 40 cycles
  • Multiplex detection of up to 5 different targets
  • Temperature ramping rates up to 8°/s
  • Temperature uniformity down to ±0.15°C across the sample block
  • Gradient function for assay optimization

QIAquant instruments are all-round systems designed for performance. They combine high-quality thermal elements for fast heating and cooling ramping rates and a fast multi-channel detection system for shorter cycling times. The open system is compatible with plasticware in standard SBS formats, low- and normal-profile, and all skirting types.

QIAcuity Digital PCR System

For nanoplate-based digital PCR applications

  • Fully integrated system
  • Scalable format (1-, 4- and 8-plate instruments)
  • Advanced multiplexing capabilities (up to 5 plex)
  • Flexible sample throughput
  • Comprehensive results in under 2 hours

The QIAcuity Digital PCR System is designed to deliver precise and multiplexed quantification results for mutation detection, copy number variation (CNV), gene expression studies, gene-editing analysis, and many more. This nanoplate-based system seamlessly integrates a standard dPCR workflow of partitioning, thermocycling and imaging into a walk-away automated platform with minimal hands-on time.

Rotor-Gene Q

For outstanding performance in real-time PCR

  • Outstanding thermal and optical performance due to rotary format
  • An unmatched optical range spanning UV to infrared wavelengths
  • State-of-the art analyses supported by user-friendly software
  • Robust design for low maintenance and maximum convenience
  • High performance in multiple applications with QIAGEN assays

QIAGEN's real-time PCR cycler, the Rotor-Gene Q, combines multiple optimized design features to provide the outstanding performance and reliable results that your research demands. Together with optimized QIAGEN kits for real-time PCR, the Rotor-Gene Q streamlines analysis for a wide range of applications.

PyroMark Platforms

For automated Pyrosequencing for advanced methylation, mutation and SNP quantification

  • Reliable quantification of allele representation and methylation status
  • Assay versatility on the same instrument and in the same run
  • Convenient control with intuitive instrument and analysis software
  • Fully automated protocols requiring less manual interaction
  • Options for longer sequencing runs and higher throughput

Characterizing the complex DNA modifications behind gene expression patterns requires quantifiable sequence data. Pyrosequencing is a sequence-based detection technology that enables rapid and accurate quantification of sequence variations. Streamlined protocols, analysis flexibility and elegant output make Pyrosequencing a highly adaptable tool for exploratory and testing work in a broad range of disciplines.

GeneReader NGS System

For next-generation sequencing applications

  • The world’s first truly complete NGS workflow for efficient and seamless integration and ease of use
  • Actionable insights using QIAGEN’s proven gene panels and bioinformatics solutions
  • Flexibility to fit your needs with scalable batches and continuous loading of multiple flow cells
  • Guaranteed results with better cost management and predictability and low initial investment
  • Expert support to help you efficiently implement, validate and operate GeneReader in your lab

The GeneReader redefines the NGS workflow by providing unmatched batching flexibility with multiple flow cells. Its innovative turntable design makes it possible to sequence multiple samples (up to 40 samples at a time) independently and in a parallel or staggered manner. Random access, scalability and cost-efficiency mean that you can process samples when needed instead of when allowed by the sequencer. The GeneReader sequencing instrument is fully embedded into the Sample to Insight GeneReader NGS System.

Why Automate?

QIAGEN’s automated solutions and optimized chemistries seamlessly integrate into your daily work and help you quickly convert your biological samples into valuable molecular insights. Whether you are a researcher in an academic, clinical, commercial or standardized testing lab, our automated Sample to Insight solutions will standardize every step of your workflow and deliver the reproducible, high-quality data you need to compare your results to those from laboratories around the world.

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QIAcube Connect is designed to perform fully automated purification of nucleic acids and proteins in molecular biology applications. The system is intended for use by professional users trained in molecular biological techniques and the operation of QIAcube Connect.

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"We've been working with the QIAxpert spectrophotometer for half a year and are extremely satisfied with the easy-to-use system."Dr. Sebastian Bartels, University Hospital Freiburg, Germany

"It has automatic and very comprehensive data export, and the possibility to measure 16 samples in parallel saves us a lot of time and frustration."Dr. Sebastian Bartels, University Hospital Freiburg, Germany

"We highly recommend the QIAxpert."Dr. Sebastian Bartels, University Hospital Freiburg, Germany