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NeXtal Evolution µplate

For protein crystallization trial setup
  • Automated (SBS format) or manual setup of protein crystallization trials
  • Highest reproducibility due to minimal evaporation
  • Low birefringence and UV transparency enable automatic visualization
  • Semielliptical protein well improves drop centering and crystal fishing

NeXtal Evolution µplates are used for automated or manual setup of protein crystallization trials. Their excellent optical properties, UV transparency, and low birefringence make them suitable for automatic visualization systems. They are supplied as 96-well microplates, where each position comprises a reservoir well, with 60–100 µl screening solution, and a protein well, which can hold 0.1–2 µl protein solution plus 0.1–2 µl reservoir solution.


The entire NeXtal product line has been discontinued at QIAGEN. The products can be ordered from Molecular Dimensions, Inc., 434 West Dussel Drive, Maumee, OH 43537, USA. For further information, please contact their customer service or visit their website.


Format Empty 96-well plates for crystallization setup, drop size 0.1-4 µl
Processing Manual or automated

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