For knockdown of a reporter gene
  • Reporter controls known to provide high knockdown of reporter genes
  • Efficient knockdown of luciferase and green fluorescent protein (GFP)
During experimental setup using a reporter-gene construct, a reporter control siRNA can be used to determine optimal conditions. When using a reporter-gene construct, a reporter control siRNA transfected in every experiment will indicate if conditions become suboptimal. Cotransfection of a plasmid carrying a reporter gene and a reporter control siRNA is a commonly used control in high-throughput RNAi.
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GFP-22 siRNA (5 nmol)
Control siRNA targeting green fluorescent protein
152,00 €
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Luciferase GL2 siRNA (5 nmol)
Luciferase GL2 siRNA (5 nmol)
152,00 €
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Luciferase GL3 siRNA (5 nmol)
Luciferase GL3 siRNA (5 nmol)
152,00 €
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The AllStars Reporter Controls is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
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AllStars Reporter Controls can be routinely transfected in experiments using reporter-gene constructs (such as plasmids carrying the reporter gene) to ensure optimal conditions are maintained. The AllStars Reporter Control should always result in high reporter-gene knockdown. If high knockdown is not achieved, this indicates a problem with the experimental setup.

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