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cattletype Milk Prep Kit

For concentration and purification of antibodies from bovine milk samples

  • Optimized for enrichment of antibodies in milk samples
  • Depletes the milk protein casein and purifies sample
  • For use prior to ELISA to increase test sensitivity

The reagents in the cattletype Milk Prep Kit are optimized for concentration and purification of antibodies from individual, pooled, and bulk milk samples. The kit helps to minimize non-specific reactions in individual milk samples by purifying them. It is suitable for preparing pooled samples for ELISA testing.
Cat No./ID: 271906
cattletype Milk Prep Kit
Precipitation Reagent, Neutralisation Buffer, Matrix, Elution Buffer, Spin Filters, Collection Tubes
Effective April 1, 2018, product available exclusively from INDICAL

The antibodies (IgG) from milk whey are bound to the special matrix of the cattletype Milk Prep Kit after casein separation. Unbound milk components are removed by centrifugation and washing steps. Concentrated antibodies are obtained with an elution step and are then ready for ELISA.


Individual samples of milk are processed in 5 ml volumes, while pooled and bulk samples are processed in 50 ml volumes. Precipitation Solution is added to separate casein and the sample is centrifuged. The pellet of casein can be discarded. The antibody-binding Matrix is added to the supernatant and incubated. Matrix with bound antibodies is pelleted by centrifugation, resuspended and transferred to a spin column. After washing, the antibodies are eluted in 200 µl Elution Buffer. This eluate can be used in ELISA testing.


The cattletype Milk Prep Kit is for concentration and purification of antibodies from milk samples prior to ELISA antibody tests.

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