Accelerating human identification workflows with the Investigator ESSplex Plus Kit

This webinar focuses on the performance and benefits of the new Investigator ESSplex Plus Kit. This is the first product in QIAGEN's next generation of STR PCR kits for human identity and forensic testing. The kit amplifies the 15 loci of the Eurpoean Standard Set (ESS) and Amelogenin in an unparalleled PCR speed of approximately 90 minutes without compromising the sensitivity and linearity of the reaction.

This webinar:

Introduces the Investigator ESSplex Plus Kit
Shows the quality and reliability of the assay results
Presents data illustrating the excellent inhibitor resistance of the kit
Shows the robust performance of the kit under a range of conditions

Dr. Mario Scherer

Dr. Mario Scherer is a Senior Scientist in the Human Identity and Forensic Testing Group at QIAGEN. Dr. Scherer received his PhD in Biology in 2001 at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology in Marburg. During his four-year post-doctorate research there, he focused on plant/fungal pathogen interactions using whole genome transcription profiling. He joined QIAGEN in 2006 to work on forensic sample preparation and assay technologies and played a key role in the development of QIAsymphony's sample preperation protocols.