From cell-free miRNA to your next big discovery

Everything you need to study circulating, cell-free miRNA

The discovery of relatively stable, extracellular miRNAs in serum and plasma has generated much interest in the analysis of miRNA expression as a potential noninvasive biomarker for a variety of diseases. With the rapid development of highly sensitive and affordable technologies to study these circulating biomarkers, liquid biopsy research is quickly becoming a central part of many biomedical research projects; however, standardization of techniques and accurate evaluation and analysis of data will be essential for success. Take advantage of our miRNA resources below to help advance your research.

Get the latest research poster: Comparison of miRNA purification methods

Our latest miRNA research poster compares the minimal sample quantities and risk of external contamination for various miRNA purification methods.  How does sensitivity and consistency of recovered miRNA measure up and result in next-generation sequencing mappable reads? Read the poster!
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Just launched! miRNeasy Serum/Plasma Advanced Kit

Get consistent, pure RNA for all your downstream applications using our phenol-free protocol – no need for phase separation or working under the hood – plus MinElute columns for small elution volumes.
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Gel-free miRNA NGS library prep: QIAseq miRNA Library Kit

Robust, miRNA-specific libraries for differential expression analysis and discovery of novel miRNAs by NGS. Eliminates adapter dimers and unwanted RNAs, and provides superior data output and an improved gel-free workflow. Enables seamless integration with miRNeasy Kits and data analysis via CLC Genomics Workbench.
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Discover the miRCURY Detection System 

The miRCURY Detection System provides you with the tools for high-throughput, sensitive and specific miRNA analysis and profiling in 3 hours. The detection system uses one universal first strand cDNA synthesis reaction as template, regardless of the number of miRNAs being profiled, saving you precious sample and time, while reducing technical variation. Tailor your experimental setup to your specific needs using individual assays or fully flexible custom pick-&-mix panels with all sample types, even those with low RNA content. 
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Interested in learning more about exosomes?

Learn how exosomes and extracellular vesicles (EVs) can provide clues to cell health, disease status and more. Discover how QIAGEN’s exosome isolation and RNA purification technologies can help advance your liquid biopsy research. 
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