Validation and Training Support Services for Human Identification and Forensics


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QIAGEN Validation Services

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Tier 1: Guided Validation Support Service (cat. no. 9244341)

  • Initial consultation
  • Introductory system training seminar and hands-on user training
  • Study and validation design
  • Provision of validation guides

Tier 2: Accelerated Validation Support Service (cat. no. 9244342) 

All services provided in Tier 1, with the addition of:

  • Sample running to initiate the validation process
  • STR analysis support
  • Advice on applying LEAN laboratory principles

Tier 3: Comprehensive Validation Service (cat. no. 9244343)

All services provided in Tier 2, with the addition of: 

  • QIAGEN HID Applications Specialist as Project Lead to monitor quality and milestones
  • Provision of full validation plan
  • All validation studies performed or supported by an Applications Specialist
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Statistical evaluation and data review
  • Provision of documentation including final validation report


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