Take advantage of QIAGEN’s decades of experience for isolating DNA from any sample type
Trusted QIAGEN purification technologies are used to prepare high-quality DNA for use in demanding applications. DNA is extracted from samples using a kit chosen according to the downstream applications in which the DNA will be used. DNA is quantified and purity is estimated, and this information is provided upon request. Samples can be shipped to you or used in other services, including the following:

Body fluids: serum, plasma (EDTA and citrate), urine, cell media, buccal swabs, saliva, cerebral spinal fluid, stool, cell–free body fluids
Sample types Purification
Cells, prokaryotic: bacteria, virus QIAamp DNA Mini Kit or DNeasy Kit
Cells, eukaryotic: cultured cells, pathogens Blood & Cell Culture DNA Mini Kit
Tissue: fresh-frozen, stabilized or FFPE QIAsymphony DNA Kits, DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit, QIAamp DNA FFPE Tissue Kit
QIAsymphony DNA Kits, DNeasy PowerSoil Pro Kit
Environmental samples DNeasy Power Kits
Plants DNeasy Plant Kits
Other Inquire


Contact Genomic Services to learn more about the options available to you and consult with experts about solutions for your projects.

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