Pathogen Lysis Tubes

For mechanical disruption of bacteria and fungi, including yeast


  • Efficient mechanical disruption and optimized lysis
  • Various bead sizes for lysing bacteria, yeast and fungi
  • Includes Reagent DX to prevent sample foaming

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Pathogen Lysis Tubes L

Cat. No. / ID: 19092

50 Pathogen Lysis Tubes with large beads, 1 vial of Reagent DX
Large beads
Small beads
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Pathogen Lysis Tubes are intended for molecular biology applications. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Pathogen Lysis Tubes S contain small beads that are suitable for lysing bacteria. Pathogen Lysis Tubes L contain large beads that are suitable for lysing fungi, including yeast, and some bacteria. Both accessory kits include Reagent DX, which prevents foaming of the sample during the mechanical disruption.


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