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Microbe masterpieces contest

Cultivate your creativity

The trillions of microbes in your body are crucial to life yet invisible to the naked eye. Their variety and hidden beauty are things scientists can showcase and celebrate. Let’s have fun doing that in the Microbe Masterpieces contest. To enter:
  • Create an artwork of a microbe or microorganism colony
  • Sketch, paint, sculpt, photograph – use ANY technique you like
  • Make an image of your artwork, post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #MicrobeMasterpieces and tag @QIAGEN. So we can see your image, be sure to make your Instagram profile PUBLIC during the contest
  • Look for your artwork in our social wall below – you could win a copy of the exclusive Gut Check microbiome game

So what kind of artwork are you thinking of creating? There are many ways you can show the beauty and variety of microbes in your exhibits. Take a look at the contest rules for ideas and the details about the contest. Be sure to get your entry in before the contest closes on Sept 1. Bookmark this page to revisit the social wall any time, or to see if you’re a winner on June 17. Winners will be contacted through social media accounts. You can also e-mail ask.a.microbiome.scientist@qiagen.com to claim your prize.

Worldwide, there are 200 copies to be won of the cult, educational and fun Gut Check Game. To learn more about the prize, we had a chat with the gamer scientists who devised it. Meet the Gut Check creators to find out how it came about, and why it’s popular with scientists, students and children alike.
Gutcheck Game

*  Terms and conditions apply. Export regulations may apply. For further details on this prize photo contest, see the complete rules here. Entries to the contest close on Sept 1, 2021, and entry is not available in all countries. Entry to the contest is restricted to one entry per person and excludes QIAGEN employees. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase or other activity is required for entry. Purchase will not improve your chance of winning. Participants are ineligible for the contest if they are Health Care Professionals as defined by the AdvaMed Code of Ethics. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that acceptance of a prize will not violate any internal policies of their organization/institution. Compliance needs to be checked by participants. The winner should note that country-specific “sunshine laws” or “anti-gifts and transparency laws” may apply and require QIAGEN to report this transfer of value to federal and state agencies.

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