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PhosphoThreonine Antibody Q7

Phosphorylated threonine residues를 포함한 protein을 검출할 수 있습니다
  • 주변의 amino acid와 상관없이 phospholated threonine residues를 detection함
  • 방사성 동위원소가 필요없는 세포신호전달 연구

The PhosphoThreonine Q7 Antibody is a mixture of anti-phosphothreonine antibodies. It is used to detect proteins with phosphylated threonine residues after western blotting.

Cat No./ID: 37420
PhosphoThreonine Antibody Q7 (100 µg)
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100 µg anti-phosphothreonine antibody (isotype mouse IgG1, for 200 ml working solution)
The PhosphoThreonine Antibody Q7 is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
Performance of PhosphoThreonine Q7 Antibody
Detection: Phosphorylated threonine residues, irrespective of surrounding amino acids
Isotype(s): Mouse IgG1
Form: Lyophilized
Working concentration: 1/100–1/200 dilution of antibody stock solution
Working solution: 100–200 ml

PhosphoThreonine Antibodies recognize and bind to phosphorylated threonine residues, irrespective of surrounding amino acids. The use of chemiluminescent detection in conjunction with PhosphoThreonine Antibodies is strongly recommended.

The PhosphoProtein Handbook contains detailed protocols for detecting phosphorylated proteins using the PhosphoThreonine Antibody Q7.

PhosphoThreonine Antibody Q7 is applicable to research in:

Cell signaling and apoptosis
Protein kinases and oncology
Immune disorders
Applications SDS-PAGE, mass spectrometry
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