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intype IC controls

Control DNA for real-time PCR; control RNA for real-time RT-PCR
  • Amplification controls to exclude false-negative results caused by PCR inhibitors
  • Positive controls for successful DNA/RNA extraction
  • intype IC-RNA: control for the reverse transcription step (RT)
Design your own DNA and RNA detection assays with intype internal control solutions.
Cat No./ID: 289970
intype IC-RNA (1ml)
intype IC-RNA (1ml)
Cat No./ID: 289980
intype IC-DNA (1ml)
intype IC-DNA (1ml)
intype IC-DNA is a heterologous control DNA. It can be used in the real-time PCR as an amplification control or as positive control for DNA extraction.
intype IC-RNA is a heterologous control RNA. It can be used as amplification control to exclude false-negative results caused by PCR inhibitors and as control for RNA extraction.

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