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Genomic DNA Buffer Set

Genomic DNA prep용 buffer set (mini scale 75번 또는 midi scale 25번 또는 maxi scale 10번 사용 가능)
  • Reliable isolation of DNA up to 150 kb in size
  • No phenol or chloroform extractions
  • Convenient, parallel processing of multiple samples

The Genomic DNA Buffer Set provides specific lysis buffers for blood, tissue, cultured cells, yeast, and bacteria, and all other necessary buffers for use with QIAGEN Genomic-tips.

Cat No./ID: 19060
Genomic DNA Buffer Set
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Buffers, including specific lysis buffers for yeast, bacteria, cells, blood, and tissue: Y1, B1, B2, C1, G2, QBT, QC, QF; for 75 mini-, 25 midi-, or 10 maxipreps
The Genomic DNA Buffer Set is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
Format Genomic tip
Processing Manual (gravity flow)
Technology Anion-exchange technology
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