QIAsymphony SP를 이용하여 세포 또는 조직에서 total RNA를 자동으로 분리 정제할 수 있습니다
  • 표준화된 처리과정에 의한 높은 재현성
  • 최적회된 protocol이 높은 RNA 회수 보장
  • Bar code를 인식함으로써 샘플과 시약을 추적할 할 수 있음
  • Bar codes enable tracking of samples and reagents

The QIAsymphony RNA Kit enables automated purification of total RNA, or total RNA including miRNA and other small RNAs, from 1–96 samples on the QIAsymphony SP. Total RNA can be purified from animal cells, tissues, or FFPE tissues, using very small amounts of starting material (≥100 cells) up to 1 x 107 cells or 50 mg of tissue. Optimized protocols provide high yields of pure total RNA, or total RNA including miRNA, and flexible elution volumes allow RNA concentration to be easily optimized for each downstream application. Prefilled reagent cartridges reduce setup time and minimize manual handling. Bar code reading enables full tracking of reagents.

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QIAsymphony RNA Kit
For as many as 192 preps, depending on protocol: includes 2 reagent cartridges and enzyme racks and accessories
The QIAsymphony RNA Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
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Reproducible purification of RNA.|Automated purification comparable to manual procedure.|Highly pure intact RNA.|Efficient handling of magnetic particles.|Prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges.|
RNA was purified from Jurkat cells on the QIAsymphony SP using the QIAsymphony RNA Kit. RNA yields from 2 instrument runs using 2 different reagent cartridge lots were compared with manual purification using the RNeasy Mini Kit. Each bar represents the average of 4 samples.|[A] RNA was purified from rat kidney and spleen samples (10 mg each sample) stabilized in RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent on the QIAsymphony SP using the QIAsymphony RNA Kit. [B] RNA was purified from rat kidney and spleen samples (10 mg each sample) stabilized in RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent manually using the RNeasy Mini Kit. RNA yield with the QIAsymphony RNA Kit is compared to manual isolation using the RNeasy Mini Kit by agarose gel electrophoresis.|RNA purified from Jurkat cells on the QIAsymphony SP had RIN (RNA integrity number) values between 9.9 and 10, and 28S/18S rRNA ratios of 2.0–2.1, indicating that intact RNA was isolated.|The QIAsymphony SP processes a sample containing magnetic particles as follows: A magnetic rod protected by a rod cover enters a well containing the sample and attracts the magnetic particles. The magnetic rod with cover is positioned above another well and releases the magnetic particles. The QIAsymphony SP uses a magnetic head containing an array of 24 magnetic rods, and can therefore process 24 samples simultaneously. Steps 1 and 2 are repeated several times during sample processing.|Reagent cartridges are prefilled with all reagents required for the purification procedure, including accessory enzymes, and are labeled with 2D bar codes. Partially used cartridges can be resealed for later use giving you complete cost control.|
Automated purification of RNA on the QIAsymphony SP is highly reproducible and yields of high-quality RNA from cultured cells, tissues, and FFPE tissues are comparable to those obtained using a manual purification procedure (see figure "Reproducible purification of RNA"). The QIAsymphony protocols for total RNA purification primarily enrich for RNA molecules longer than 200 nucleotides, including mRNA (see figure "Highly pure, intact RNA"). The QIAsymphony miRNA protocol also purifies total RNA but does not exclude RNAs <200 nucleotides such as miRNAs and other small RNAs (see figure "Automated purification comparable to manual procedure").
The QIAsymphony RNA Kit combines the speed and efficiency of silica-based technology with the convenient handling of magnetic particles (see figure "Efficient handling of magnetic particles") for purification of total RNA >200 nucleotides, or total RNA including miRNA and other small RNAs after proteinase K treatment. Starting material includes animal cells and tissues. With some additional components, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues can also be processed with the kit. Samples are lysed and RNA is purified from lysates in one step through its binding to the silica surface of the particles in the presence of a chaotropic salt. The particles are separated from the lysates using a magnet and DNA is removed by treatment with RNase-free DNase. The magnetic particles are efficiently washed, and RNA is eluted in RNase-free water.

Innovative, ready-to-run reagent cartridges are prefilled with magnetic particles and all reagents required for the purification procedure, including accessory enzymes. The cartridges are automatically opened by the QIAsymphony SP helping to minimize the risk of environmental contamination (see figure "Prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges"). Worktable setup is rapid, which saves your valuable time. Simply place up to 2 reagent cartridges in the consumables drawer. The reagent cartridges can be either from the same kit or from different kits, enabling different purification procedures to be performed within the same run of 96 samples. Reagent volumes only for the selected number of samples are used, giving you complete cost control. The purification procedure comprises 4 steps: lyse, bind, wash, and elute. A number of protocols is available for the QIAsymphony SP for purifying RNA, depending on the starting material and the required RNA product (see table).

Protocols for purification of RNA with the QIAsymphony SP instrument
ProtocolRunning with

Sample material
(Pretreated sample lysates)

Processed volume (μl)
RNA CT 400 QIAsymphony RNA Kit  (192) ≤3 x 106 cultured cells
≤20 mg easy-to-lyse tissue
400 μl
RNA CT 800 QIAsymphony RNA Kit (2 x 48) 3 x 106–1 x 107 cultured cells
≤50 mg easy-to-lyse tissue
800 μl
RNA FT 400* QIAsymphony RNA Kit (192) ≤20 mg fibrous tissue 400 μl
miRNA CT 400* QIAsymphony RNA Kit (192) ≤3 x 106 cultured cells
≤20 mg tissue
400 μl
RNA FFPE 130 QIAsymphony RNA Kit (2 x 72) 1–2 x FFPE sections up to 10 μm
1 x FFPE section 20 μm
130 μl
* Proteinase K required; can be ordered separately.
Additional components required; can be ordered separately.


The QIAsymphony RNA Kit, and fully automated purification of total RNA on the QIAsymphony SP, provides high-quality RNA suitable for direct use in any downstream application.

Applications RT-PCR; Real-Time PCR; Expression Profiling
Elution volume 50-200 µl
Sample amount 400 µl lysate from <20 mg tissue or 3 x 10e6 cells or 800 µl lysate from <50 mg tissue or 3 x 10e6 cells

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