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STAR Q Punch AS Instrument

For high-throughput punching and assay setup for human identity samples
  • Designed for efficient and safe processing of epithelial and blood samples from cards used in high-throughput database and reference sample laboratories
  • Easy-to-use software ensuring minimal training requirements
  • Fast setup and implementation with pre-validated assay setup protocols
  • High first pass success rates with QIAGEN Investigator STR GO! chemistries

The STAR Q Punch AS Instrument automates sample punching and STR assay setup from human identity reference samples such as database samples and paternity samples on collection cards. The instrument works with two collection card types and has pre-validated protocols for use with Investigator 24plex GO! Kits, Investigator ESSplex SE GO! Kits and Investigator IDplex GO! Kits. The instrument is designed for use with GEHC EasiCollect cards and Copan NUCLEIcard system collection cards. The STAR Q Punch AS combines QIAGEN’s expertise in performance and process safety with high-throughput liquid handling to enable processing of up to 360 samples per day with no compromise in quality.
Cat No./ID: 9002651
STAR Q Punch AS (EC)
Instrument with 1-year warranty on parts. For use with GEHC EasiCollect cards and Copan NUCLEIcard system collection cards.
The STAR Q Punch AS Instrument is intended for molecular biology applications in forensic, human identity, and paternity testing. This product is not intended for diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
The STAR Q Punch AS is a high-throughput punching and liquid handling platform designed for assay setup for downstream PCR analysis of human identity samples. The system is designed for processing samples collected on GEHC FTA and Copan NUCLEIcard collection devices.

QIAGEN’s Investigator STR GO! Kits for direct amplification of reference samples can directly be processed on the instrument. This means that the results include QIAGEN's unique Quality Sensor, so any sample that fails to give optimal results the first time can be reprocessed with the most appropriate rework strategy, maximizing success rates and minimizing costs for your laboratory.

Unlike most other high-throughput punching and liquid handling systems, the STAR Q Punch AS comes with pre-validated protocols for punching and assay setup, meaning implementation is kept to a minimum.
The STAR Q Punch AS comes ready to run, with all protocols preinstalled and fully validated. Our experienced application specialists will manage instrument installation and training and ensure the system is quickly up and running.

Sample cards, reagents and consumables are loaded onto the instrument, which performs safety checks and bar code scans. The system then automates sample visualization and punching from sample collection cards directly into a 96-well PCR plate before proceeding with STR PCR setup according to predefined protocols optimized for use with Investigator STR GO! Kits.

All protocols and other system functions are selected and controlled using a simple-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • High-throughput sample punching from FTA and Copan NUCLEIcards and STR assay setup
  • Genotyping, including databasing, fingerprinting and paternity analysis 
  • Routine analysis of reference samples

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