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EZ1 DNA Blood 200 µl Kit

BioRobot EZ1 시스템과 BioRobot EZ1 Advanced 시스템을 이용하여 200 ul까지의 blood 샘플에서 DNA를 자동으로 분리 정제할 수 있습니다
  • 최대 6 ug의 high-quality DNA의 신속한 분리 정제
  • 신뢰성 있는 processing — 전혈 200 ul 까지 가능
  • 손쉬운 프로토콜 셋팅 — 사용이 편리한 카드형 프로토콜
  • 표준화된 processing은 재현성 있는 결과 보증

The EZ1 DNA Blood 200 μl Kit contains all required reagents and labware for rapid, automated purification of DNA from blood samples of up to 200 μl using magnetic particle technology. The kit can be used with the EZ1 Advanced XL (1–14 samples per run), EZ1 Advanced (1–6 samples per run), and BioRobot EZ1 (1–6 samples per run) instruments. Reagents are supplied in prefilled reagent cartridges, which ensures speed and convenience in loading the instrument.

Cat No./ID: 951034
EZ1 DNA Blood 200 µl Kit (48)
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For 48 preps: Reagent Cartridge (Blood 200 µl), Disposable Filter-Tips, Disposable Tip-Holders, Sample Tubes (2 ml), Elution Tubes (1.5 ml)
High-quality DNA from whole blood.
DNA was purified from 200 µl blood samples using the EZ1 DNA Blood 200 µl Kit (upper lanes) and from 350 µl blood samples using the EZ1 DNA Blood 350 µl Kit (lower lanes). Lanes 1–6 and 7–12 are from the first and last of 8 processing runs on the EZ1 instrument, respectively. M: 1000 bp DNA ladder (100 ng); +: positive control; -: negative control. 2 µl (1%) of each eluate was visualized on the agarose gel.
High-quality DNA for sensitive and specific analyses.
PCR of the single-copy MECL-1 gene was performed using DNA purified from whole blood. Genomic DNA was purified from samples of ACD-, EDTA-, and heparin-preserved human whole blood using the EZ1 DNA Blood 200 μl Kit. Template DNA was serially diluted. An aliquot of purified DNA (volume as indicated) was used in each 50 μl PCR.
The automated procedure provides high repeatability (see figure "High-quality DNA from whole blood") and linear yields over a range of starting amounts. DNA purified using the EZ1 DNA Blood 200 µl Kit gives high-performance results in downstream applications, such as PCR (see figure "High-quality DNA for sensitive and specific analyses").

Automated purification with the EZ1 DNA Blood 200 µl Kit requires use of the EZ1 Advanced XL and the EZ1 Advanced XL DNA Blood Card, or the EZ1 Advanced and the EZ1 Advanced DNA Blood Card, or the BioRobot EZ1 and the EZ1 DNA Blood Card. EZ1 cards are preprogrammed with protocols that guide the user through worktable setup and provide the instrument with commands for the purification procedure. Using silica-coated magnetic-particle technology, the easy-to-use instrument allows purification of 1–14 samples (EZ1 Advanced XL) or 1–6 samples (EZ1 Advanced and BioRobot EZ1) in a single run. Presealed reagent cartridges and the automatic sensor-controlled lock of the instrument door reduce the chances of environmental contamination.


Whole blood samples (200 µl) are loaded onto the instrument, and genomic DNA is purified in one step following the automated EZ1 DNA procedure. Genomic DNA is eluted in 200 µl, 100 µl, or 50 µl volumes, ready to use in all downstream applications, such as PCR.


The high-quality DNA obtained using the EZ1 DNA Blood 200 μl Kit is suited for use in many applications, such as:

Population genetics and pharmacogenomic research
PCR and real-time PCR
Genotyping or sequencing
Oncology research
SNP, STR, VNTR, RAPD, NASBA, and AFLP technologies
Applications PCR, real-time RT-PCR, genotyping
Elution volume 200 µl
For automated processing BioRobot EZ1
Format Sample tube
Main sample type Whole blood
Processing Automated
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or protein DNA
Sample amount 200 µl
Technology Magnetic particles
Time per run or per prep 15–20 minutes
Yield 2.6–6 µg

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EZ1 DNA Blood 200 μl Kit
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