2021 TB Clinical and Educational Summit
Tuberculosis Summit 2021

2021 Global TB Clinical and Educational Summit

A world united against TB

The 2021 Global TB Clinical and Educational Summit is now over. Register to stay informed about upcoming events and the 2022 Global TB Clinical and Educational Summit.

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Respected speakers

The latest in over a decade of summits, this year's TB summit brought together TB experts from across the world and >3000 participants from over 120 countries to discuss their experience and the latest insights in TB control and prevention.

The speakers addressed many of the issues encountered in this complex field and discussed how, in these still challenging times for respiratory medicine, we can still unite against TB.

  • Prof. Onn Min Kon (Chair)

    Professor Onn Min Kon is a Respiratory Physician and Head of Service for TB at Imperial College London Healthcare NHS Trust. He is also Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the National Heart & Lung Institute, Imperial College London.

    He is the chair of the UK National MDRTB Clinical Advice Service and the chair of the British Thoracic Society Joint Tuberculosis Committee.

    His research interests include the clinical and immune diagnosis of tuberculosis and the delivery of care and management of the disease. Professor Kon organizes the London Advanced TB course.

  • Prof. Pere-Joan Cardona
    Pere-Joan Cardona is head of the Microbiology Department at the Hospital “Germans Trias i Pujol” of the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS) and Professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He is a clinical microbiologist that has devoted more than 20 years in discerning the mechanisms that allow latent tuberculosis infection and those that lead to the development of active TB. To do so, he founded the Experimental Tuberculosis Unit at the IGTP Research Institute, developing several “in vivo” and “in silico” experimental models, which led to the invention of the RUTI therapeutic vaccine and the use of host-directed therapies against TB. He is also involved in the use of the properties of environmental mycobacteria to balance the immune response against several diseases. He has an extensive experience in leading clinical trials to address new approaches for the development of new tools in diagnosis, prophylaxis and therapy of TB, and has collaborated in several international consortiums focused in the TB study.
    Prof. Pere-Joan Cardona
  • Dr. Tom Wingfield
    Dr. Wingfield is physician and NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Diseases. He completed medical training in Liverpool and has since worked as an infection physician and researcher in the UK, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and muddy fields at Glastonbury and Reading festivals. Between 2012 and 2015, he undertook a PhD entitled, “Preventing tuberculosis in high-risk people” with the Innovation for Health And Development team led by Dr. Carlton Evans of Imperial College London, which works with 32 impoverished shantytown communities in north Lima, Peru, to improve TB prevention and control. During his time in Peru, he evaluated the economic effects of accessing "free" TB care, was part of the WHO task force on catastrophic costs of TB treatment and led a Household Randomized-controlled Evaluation of a Socioeconomic Intervention to Prevent TB (HRESIPT). In addition to ongoing work in Peru, he is expanding his research further as a post-doctoral investigator to evaluate the best methods of delivering socioeconomic support to TB-affected households in diverse low-resource settings.
  • Prof. Adrian Martineau
    Adrian Martineau is Clinical Professor of Respiratory Infection and Immunity at Queen Mary University of London, UK. He is a respiratory physician with a research interest in tuberculosis. His work combines laboratory investigation and clinical studies investigating diagnosis and prevention of latent TB infection. He leads the Micro-LTBI consortium, a program of work investigating a potential microbiological biomarker of latent TB infection with clinical sites in the UK, Ethiopia, Uganda and Pakistan. Adrian’s research is funded by the UK MRC, the UK NIHR and NIH among others.
  • Dr. Ethel Maciel

    Dr. Ethel Maciel graduated in nursing from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (1993), has a master’s degree in public health nursing from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1999), a doctorate in collective health/epidemiology from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (2004) and post-doctoral qualification in epidemiology from Johns Hopkins University (2008).

    She is a professor at the Federal University of Espírito Santo and a CNPq Research Productivity Scholarship in Epidemiology and President of the Brazilian Tuberculosis Research Network (REDE-TB) and co-chair of the Sérgio Vieira de Mello Chair of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees at UFES.

    Dr. Maciel is a member of the Tuberculosis Technical Advisory Group at the Ministry of Health and Member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Technical Advisory Group on Tuberculosis and represents Brazil in the Governmental Tuberculosis Research Network of the BRICS countries.

    Dr. Ethel Maciel
  • Prof. Graham Bothamly

    Professor Graham Bothamley has worked as a physician and treated >4000 patients with tuberculosis. He is an advisor for the UK MDR-TB Clinical Advisory Service hosted by the British Thoracic Society. He is an honorary professor at Queen Mary University London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Professor Bothamley has led the ERS Tuberculosis Group and the Respiratory Infections Assembly, as well as TBnet (www.tbnet.eu) and he is a member of the General Assembly for UNITE4TB. In addition, he is an editor for the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IJTLD).

    Prof. Graham Bothamly
  • Dr. Jonathan Golub
    My research focuses on the epidemiology, detection, and prevention of TB in low- and middle-income countries. I am experienced in developing and implementing research studies in TB in Brazil, South Africa and India, leading and managing large research teams in these countries. I recently completed a cluster randomized trial comparing the operational impact of two diagnostics for latent TB among HIV-infected patients in South Africa and I am currently leading a NIH R01 project looking at implementation of a new regiment for latent TB infection among people with HIV in Brazil, and an R01 randomized clinical trial in India investigating case detection strategies for people recently completing TB therapy. My other primary focus is on modifiable risk factors for TB, including tobacco, alcohol, and diabetes.
    Dr. Jonathan Golub
  • Dr. Christian Gunneberg
    Dr. Christian Gunneberg, MB, CHB, FFPHM is a UK trained Public Health Specialist who has been working in the Global Tuberculosis Control program (GTB) of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the last 19 years. His tuberculosis work with WHO in Nepal supported the development of one of the first national ambulatory, primary care based, multidrug-resistant TB treatment programs (funded by DFID). He then moved to Geneva where he led the WHO/GTB TB/HIV monitoring and evaluation efforts, and the development of the “Policy guidelines for collaborative HIV and TB services for injecting and other drug users”, launched with UNODC, and UNAIDS at the AIDS 2008 conference in Mexico City. He currently works on country technical support and is the GTB focal point for the Global Fund. The Global TB Program is leading the efforts end the global TB epidemic by 2030.
  • Prof. Giovanni Battista Migliori

    Prof. Giovanni Battista Migliori is a specialist in Respiratory Medicine and Medical Statistics, has >30 years of global experience in technical assistance, research and training (50% of the global human TB workforce was trained by his ‘Sondalo course’).

    Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for TB and Lung Diseases at Maugeri Research Institute, Tradate, Italy, he is also Honorary Professor at the Queen Mary University (London, UK) and Visiting Professor at the University of Monterrey (Mexico) and Insubria (Italy).

    Prof. Migliori has published >600 peer-reviewed papers in different languages (H-Index >70).

    He is the former Secretary General of the ERS and President of the Union (European Region). He is currently Chief Editor of the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease and Section Editor for TB of the European Respiratory Journal and chair of the GTN (Global Tuberculosis Network).

  • Dr. Heinke Kunst
    Heinke Kunst is a Senior Lecturer at Barts and the London School of Medicine, Queen Mary University and Honorary Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at Barts Health NHS Trust. Her main research interest is in migrant health and translational research themes in tuberculosis and latent tuberculosis infection. She is the chief investigator of the NIHR funded study “Uptake, effectiveness and acceptability of routine screening of pregnant migrants for latent tuberculosis infection in antenatal care: a feasibility study”
  • Dr. Ananna Rahman
    Dr. Ananna Rahman is a respiratory registrar who is currently leading the NIHR funded feasibility study: Uptake, effectiveness and acceptability of routine screening of pregnant migrants for latent tuberculosis infection in antenatal care. Her interests are migrant health and LTBI screening in migrants.
  • Dr. James Seddon
    Dr. James Seddon is a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, an Associate Professor at Stellenbosch University, and a Consultant in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. His major area of research is that of children with TB, and he works on TB diagnostics, TB therapeutics, drug-resistant TB, TB meningitis, adolescent TB, TB burden modeling and the evaluation of TB biomarkers. James studied medicine at Cambridge University and Imperial College London and has trained in pediatric infectious diseases at centers of excellence in the United Kingdom, with extensive clinical experience in resource poor settings.
  • Prof. Robert J. Wilkinson
    Robert J. Wilkinson is a physician-scientist who is Professor in Infectious Diseases at Imperial College London, a group leader at the Francis Crick Institute and the Director of the Wellcome Centre for Infectious Diseases research in Africa in Cape Town. His research interest has been understanding and improving the management of tuberculosis and HIV-tuberculosis, most recently in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
  • Prof. Delia Goletti

    Delia Goletti is the Head of the Translational Research Unit at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases L. Spallanzani in Rome, Italy. She has clinical duties in the Lung Infectious Diseases outpatient clinic. She has been working with Dr. Anthony Fauci for 4 years at NIH in Bethesda on the immune pathogenesis of HIV and HIV-TB coinfection.

    Now, her research focus is on immune pathogenesis, immune diagnostic tests and immune response to tuberculosis, echinococcosis and SARS-CoV-2. She has been also working on vaccines for HIV, M. tuberculosis and COVID-19.

    She is Professor of Pathology, at Unicamillus University, Rome, Italy.

  • Dr. Jean-Pierre Zellweger

    Jean-Pierre Zellweger is a Swiss pulmonary physician, who started his training in TB in one of the last sanatoria in Switzerland. He has been chief of the TB Dispensary at Lausanne University Hospital. Dr. Zellweger now works as a TB expert for the Swiss Lung Association.

    Dr. Zellweger participated in several evaluation missions for TB programs in Eastern Europe and Africa for the WHO, the ECDC, the Global Fund, the Swiss cooperation agency and The Union. He also participated in surveillance activities for SARS-CoV2 in Switzerland and in the Swiss vaccination campaign.

    Dr. Zellweger published several studies on clinical aspects of TB and a multinational study on TB contacts in Europe. He was editor of the Swiss TB Handbook. He is co-author of the European Standards of Tuberculosis Care, of the WHO Consensus paper on the role of Surgery in TB, the European Consensus paper on contact investigations for TB and the WHO guidelines on the management of latent TB infection.

  • Dr. Archana Singal

    Dr. Archana Singal (MD, FAMS) is a Director Professor in the department of Dermatology & STI, University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. She is also the Head of Dermatology, Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS), University of Delhi and adjunct Professor at Kasturba Medical College, MAHE, Manipal, India.

    She has been a teaching faculty for over 25 years. Her chief areas of interest include tropical dermatology (cutaneous tuberculosis, leprosy and mycoses in particular), nail disorders and genodermatoses. She has ~230 indexed publications and has contributed more than 40 chapters related to skin, STI and leprosy. She is especially passionate about mycobacterial skin diseases; cutaneous tuberculosis and leprosy, and has run a mycobacterial disease clinic in her department for more than 25 years. She is the Founding President of the Nail Society of India (NSI). She is the chief editor of the books, Comprehensive Approach to Infections In Dermatology, Atlas of Infections in Dermatology, Superficial Dermatophytosis and Comprehensive Approach to Nail Disorders.

  • Dr. Manish Pareek
    Dr. Manish Pareek qualified with an honors degrees in medicine and public health from the University of Birmingham, UK, before undertaking academic specialist training in infectious diseases and internal medicine in Birmingham, London and Leicester. After completing his doctoral work at Imperial College London, which examined the impact and cost-effectiveness of screening migrants for tuberculosis and informed the new migrant TB screening program in the TB collaborative strategy, he returned to Leicester where he was appointed as an Associate Clinical Professor in Infectious Diseases at the University of Leicester to lead a transdisciplinary research portfolio in the area of tuberculosis, migrant health and infectious diseases. His work has been recognized by multiple invited lectures from around the world and by the award of the 2012 Barnett Christie Lecture (UK Young Investigator Award in Infectious Diseases research) and the 2016 International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Young Innovator in TB research.
  • Dr. Martin Dedicoat

    Dr. Dedicoat is an infectious diseases physician in Birmingham, UK. He also works for the tuberculosis unit part of the National Infection Service of public Health England (PHE).

    He is the TB lead for Birmingham and Solihull. He trained in Birmingham and South Africa.

  • Dr. Esther Robinson

    Dr. Esther Robinson is head of Public Health England’s national TB unit and a consultant clinical microbiologist in the National Mycobacterial Reference Service. She was previously the Consultant in Public Health Infection for the English Midlands, with broad expertise in clinical and public health infection specialties.

    The TB unit is a multidisciplinary group bringing together specialists in infectious diseases, epidemiology, TB nursing, communicable disease control and microbiology to lead surveillance, screening data, reference diagnostic, outbreak and incident response and strategic activities in support of TB elimination as a public health problem in England.

    Esther has a DPhil in transferable antibiotic resistance from Oxford University and is the mycobacterial team lead for the NIHR Health Protection Research Unit in collaboration between PHE and Imperial College London. She has ongoing research interests in mycobacterial diagnostics, including whole-genome sequencing, TB transmission and non-tuberculous mycobacteria.

  • Dr. Margareth Dalcolmo

    Dr. Margareth Dalcolmo, MD, PhD is a physician and professor of respiratory medicine.

    She is a member and former President of the Tuberculosis Committee of the Brazilian Society of Thoracic Diseases.

    Widely published, she is a co-author of the National Guidelines (Manuals): Acute Respiratory Infections; Tuberculosis and TB and HIV Infection, published by the Brazilian Ministry of Health and the author of chapters in 10 medical books. Furthermore, Dr. Dalcolmo is a peer reviewer of the Brazilian Journal of Respiratory Diseases (Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia).

    Dr. Dalcolmo is a member of the RESIST TB Research Group coordinated by Boston Medical School and has been a member of the WHO’s Task Force Group for New Treatments in TB 2011.

  • Dr. Adrian Rendón

    Dr. Rendón is Professor of Medicine at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, Mexico.

    He has specialized training in tuberculosis (with expertise in the fields of diagnosis, treatment and epidemiology) and has participated in several TB courses offered by The Union and WHO. He is an opinion leader in the field of TB in Mexico and Latin America.

    Dr. Rendón is a Consultant for the Nuevo Leon state and National TB Programs and is also a member of the TB Consilium of the Global TB Network and of the Regional Green Light Committee of the WHO/PAHO.

    Since 1993, he has worked in academic medicine at the School of Medicine of Monterrey. In 1994, he founded the University Hospital TB Clinic where he is its Head. Currently, Dr. Rendón is in charge of the Center for Research, Prevention and Treatment of Respiratory Infections (CIPTIR), which comprises both a TB Clinic and a research laboratory.

    He is a member of the Mexican Pulmonary Society (SMNYCT), American Thoracic Society (ATS), European Respiratory Society (ERS), Asociacion Latinoamericana de Torax (ALAT), The Union and CHEST.

  • Dr. Rosa Herrera

    Rosa Herrera is a TB survivor, patient advocate and MD, who works as TB Controller in Mexicali County in Baja California, Mexico. She is a member of Global TB CAB, the Americas TB Coalition, TB Proof and Mexico TB Social Observatory. Currently, she is coordinating Mexicali as a Zero TB City, using the model of The Zero TB initiative, and running several clinical trials focused on diagnostic tools in TB.

    Dr. Herrera is an MD, with a diploma in clinical immunology, clinical research and healthcare quality and a PhD candidate. She has been working in tuberculosis control in Mexico for over 10 years.

    Rosa Herrera
  • Dr. Wendy Todaro Thanassi

    Dr. Wendy Thanassi is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. After completing undergraduate studies at Yale University, she attended Stanford Medical School and returned to Yale for residency training. Research months spent in Cape Town, South Africa introduced her to the ravages of tuberculosis and ignited a now decades-long interest in this disease process. Dr. Thanassi left Stanford Emergency Medicine to run the Veteran's Health Administration’s Occupational Health Service in Palo Alto, California. She spent 6 years on the VHA's national advisory board for the care of its 400,000 healthcare workers. Over the past 10 years she has pioneered the use of IGRAs in VHA healthcare workers, researched, published, presented widely in the US and overseas, and collaborated on the 2019 MMWR of TB Screening, Testing and Treatment in Health Care Personnel. She first-authored the explanatory companion document published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and sits on multiple Boards of Directors.

    Dr. Wendy Todaro Thanassi
  • Marie-Claire Rowlinson
    Dr. Marie-Claire Rowlinson received her undergraduate and doctoral degrees in medical microbiology in the UK and then completed a post-doctoral fellowship in medical and public health laboratory microbiology at University of California, Los Angeles. Following the fellowship, Dr. Rowlinson worked with the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) in their global health program, building laboratory capacity in eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. From 2012 to 2021, she held the position of Assistant Laboratory Director and CLIA Laboratory Director at the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Public Health Laboratories in Jacksonville. Since September 2021, Dr. Rowlinson is the Chief of Bacterial Diseases at the Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health. Dr. Rowlinson’s expertise is in infectious disease diagnostics – in particular molecular diagnostics – and tuberculosis. She continues to work closely with the Association of Public Health Laboratories and is the Chair of the APHL Infectious Diseases Committee and a Member of the TB Subcommittee. She also continues to work with APHL on an international level, consulting with the global health program, most recently working with the Ukraine Ministry of Health. Dr. Rowlinson is the American Society for Microbiology Division Y (Public Health) Chair and is a Member of the College of American Pathologists Microbiology Committee.
    Marie-Claire Rowlinson
  • Dr. Alawode Oladele

    Dr. Alawode Oladele is a TB Consultant at the County Board of Health, Georgia, USA.

    Dr. Oladele received his MD. degree from Morehouse School of Medicine and a Masters of Public Health from Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. Currently, he works in local and international public health and is the medical director and USCIS Civil Surgeon for a US-based county Board of Health in Georgia, USA, where he directs medical services in the refugee health, tuberculosis and COVID-19 response programs.

  • Prof_onnMinKon
    Prof. Onn Min Kon (Chair)
  • Prof. Pere-Joan Cardona
    Prof. Pere-Joan Cardona
  • Tom-Wingfield
    Dr. Tom Wingfield
  • Adrian-Martineau
    Prof. Adrian Martineau
  • Dr. Ethel Maciel
    Dr. Ethel Maciel
  • Prof. Graham Bothamly
    Prof. Graham Bothamly
  • Dr. Jonathan Golub
    Dr. Jonathan Golub
  • Dr-Christian-Gunneberg
    Dr. Christian Gunneberg
  • Prof-Giovanni-Battista-Migliori
    Prof. Giovanni Battista Migliori
  • Heinke-Kunst
    Dr. Heinke Kunst
  • Dr.-Ananna-Rahman
    Dr. Ananna Rahman
  • James-Seddon
    Dr. James Seddon
  • Robert-J-Wilkinso
    Prof. Robert J. Wilkinson
  • Delia-Goletti
    Prof. Delia Goletti
  • Jean-Pierre-Zellweger
    Dr. Jean-Pierre Zellweger
  • Dr-Archana-Singal
    Dr. Archana Singal
  • Dr-Manish-Pareek
    Dr. Manish Pareek
  • Dr-Dedicoat
    Dr. Martin Dedicoat
  • Dr-Esther-Robinson
    Dr. Esther Robinson
    Dr. Margareth Dalcolmo
  • Dr.-Rendon
    Dr. Adrian Rendón
  • Rosa Herrera
    Dr. Rosa Herrera
  • Dr. Wendy Todaro Thanassi
    Dr. Wendy Todaro Thanassi
  • Marie-Claire Rowlinson
    Marie-Claire Rowlinson
  • Dr-Alawode-Oladele
    Dr. Alawode Oladele
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