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November 29, 2021 | Molecular Biology

7 most frequently asked technical support questions, answered!

A Q&A session with Egidio Lacanna and Salvatore Paradiso from our Technical Service team

We have all experienced a situation where we need an urgent solution or an answer to a particular question to continue our work. For this reason, Egidio Lacanna – Associate Manager of Technical Service and Salvatore Paradiso – Technical Service Scientist, have tried to answer the questions they encounter most during their work in case it helps you get to the answer you’re looking for more quickly.


Q: Where can I find safety data sheets (SDS)?

A: MSDS and SDS sheets can be found on our website under the Quality and Safety Data section in the knowledge and support hub. In this section, you can also find information about Certificates of Analysis, Quality Management Certificates, GHS Hazard Labeling and more. To download a safety data sheet (SDS), first search for it by selecting the relevant country and inserting the product name or catalog number. Image and text module.

Q: Where can I find Certificates of Analysis?

A: Certificates of Analysis can be searched for in the Quality and Safety Data section in the Knowledge and Support hub. For this search, you will need the lot number of your product. You can find this number on the label of the kit box, next to the LOT symbol.

LOT sign

Q: How do I search for product information on

A: The QIAGEN website has a search function on the top right of the navigation menu. To open the search query, click on the magnifying glass symbol. You can then use the catalog number or the product name to search for a specific product.

The search engine supplies suggestions you can click on directly. Or you can press “Enter” for the results to appear. Remember, it makes sense to look for information on the webpage of a specific kit and on the pages of instruments in which it can be used.


Q: Where can I find other resources?

A: In the Product and Technical Support section of our website, you can find a lot of information such as Product FAQs, Troubleshooting Guides, ordering support and Resources. All these web pages are searchable to help you find the exact data you need.

In addition, on the web page of each product, you will find the FAQ and Resources sections.

Just click on the tabs on the top of the page or scroll down for easy access to materials such as kit handbooks, quick-start protocols, safety data sheets, application notes, product profiles, brochures and guides, protocols and more.

Remember, it makes sense to look for information not only on the webpage of a particular kit but also on the pages of instruments in which it can be used.

Our tip:
Remember to search for information on kit pages and instrument pages.

Q: What is the Quick-Start Protocol good for?

A: The Quick-Start Protocol for a kit can be found in the kit box of many of our Life Science products and on the associated product page. A Quick-Start Protocol gives you some initial information to start using the product. For people who have used the product before, it will serve as a convenient reminder. Please note that you need to refer to the product’s Instructions for Use (e.g., kit handbook or instrument user manual) for more comprehensive information.


Q: What is the easiest way to follow my orders, quotes and manage my instruments?

A: By signing up for a My QIAGEN account, you can access an easy-to-use personalized self-service portal. This enables you to manage all your QIAGEN-related activities in one place. Here you can easily apply a quote to its cart, order and reorder products, Follow order status and monitor your instruments and service agreements. You will also have access to relevant content such as webinars and events, as well as specific product handbooks and other documents. Contact details for your dedicated account manager are also available. Learn how My QIAGEN can simplify your daily lab life by reading this article.


Q: Where can I learn more about Instrument Services offered by QIAGEN?

A: You can find more information about instrument service solutions on our website in the relevant section under the Knowledge and Support hub. Here you can get an overview of the service agreements and professional services offered to help you make the most of your instrument.

A: For tools to support your research, such as GeneGlobe, Genomic services (including next-generation sequencing) or digital insights, or to learn more about the various applications in which QIAGEN products may be used, go to the relevant section under the Applications and Insights hub.

To find a workflow to match your needs, complete with product recommendations, you can use our Workflow Configurator. This is a tool to help you design experiments and find the products you need.

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