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miRNeasy 96 Advanced QIAcube HT Kit

For automated purification of total RNA, including miRNA, from serum and plasma samples

  1. Phenol-free miRNA isolation from human, mouse or rat serum and plasma samples
  2. Simple and reliable automated processing for time and cost savings
  3. High-quality miRNA ready for use in any downstream application
  4. Consistent miRNA yields from small amounts of starting material

The miRNeasy 96 Advanced QIAcube HT Kit is designed for automated high-throughput purification of cell-free total RNA – primarily miRNA and other small RNA – from small volumes of serum and plasma on the QIAcube HT. Using proven RNeasy silica-membrane technology in a convenient 96-well format, contaminants and inhibitors are removed to yield high-quality RNA ready for downstream analysis.

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Cat No./ID: 217261
miRNeasy 96 Advanced QIAcube HT Kit (5)
For 480 preps: RNeasy 96 plates, RNase-free water, buffers
Cat No./ID: 950067
QIAcube HT Plasticware
Plasticware for 480 typical preps on QIAcube HT:
5 S-Blocks, 5 Elution Microtubes RS (EMTR), 120 x 8-Well Strip Caps for EMTR, 9 x 96 Filter-Tips OnCor C, TapePad
The miRNeasy 96 Advanced QIAcube HT Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is neither intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease, nor has it been validated for such use either alone or in combination with other products.

Product Details


The miRNeasy 96 Advanced QIAcube HT Kit is the medium- to high-throughput version of the miRNeasy Serum/Plasma Advanced Kit and provides the same yield and quality of RNA using phenol-free isolation technology. The miRNeasy 96 Advanced QIAcube HT Kit efficiently isolates total RNA, including miRNA, from human and animal serum and plasma samples from 50 µl to 200 µl. The kit is compatible with the majority of blood collection devices. The phenol-free protocol uses easy-to-automate spin column technology in 96-well format and minimize hands on time. Unlike kits from other suppliers, the miRNeasy 96 Advanced QIAcube HT Kit combines ease-of-use and a phenol-free protocol without any compromise on RNA quality or yield.


The miRNeasy 96 Advanced QIAcube HT Kit enables automated purification of cell-free total RNA – primarily miRNA and other small RNA, from 20–200 µl of human or animal plasma using the QIAcube HT instrument. Selective binding properties of a silica membrane are combined with a high-throughput 96-well format for fully automated, simultaneous processing of 24–96 samples on the QIAcube HT instrument. The kit combines guanidine-based lysis of samples, an inhibitor removal step and silica-membrane-based purification of total RNA.

The system provides two protocols, a transfer protocol to move the lysate from the protein precipitation step to the RNeasy 96 plate and the cell-free RNA isolation protocol to extract miRNA from the lysate. The procedures yield high-quality RNA that performs well in downstream applications.


Lysis is performed manually under highly denaturing conditions with guanidine thiocyanate to immediately inactivate RNases and ensure purification of intact RNA.

After the run is started, isopropanol is added to the RNA-containing supernatant to provide appropriate binding conditions for all RNA molecules from approximately 18 nucleotides (nt) upwards. The samples are afterwards transferred (manually or automated) to the wells of the RNeasy 96 plate. Total RNA binds and contaminants are efficiently washed away. High-quality RNA is then eluted in RNase-free water, ready for use in any downstream application.


The miRNeasy 96 Advanced QIAcube HT Kit isolates total cell-free and exosomal RNA from plasma or serum. Downstream applications include:

  1. Biomarker discovery
  2. Expression profiling
  3. Next-generation sequencing
  4. Quantitative, real-time RT-PCR
  5. Microarray analysis


Elution volume 80–100 µl
Input volume Up to 200 µl
Number of preps per run 24–96 samples (processed in increments of 8)
Run time 96 samples in approximately 93 minutes; 24 samples in approximately 54 minutes

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