For sensitive detection and localization of biotinylated proteins


  • Highly sensitive fluorescent detection of any biotinylated molecule
  • Reagent optimized for use with the Penta·His Biotin Conjugate

Product Details

For use in conjunction with the Penta·His Biotin Conjugate, QIAGEN offers streptavidin conjugated to the intensely fluorescing algal pigment R-phycoerythrin (Streptavidin-R-PE).


The high quantum yield (0.82) and extinction coefficient (2 x 106) of R-PE make it one of the best fluorophores currently available for high-sensitivity detection. By utilizing the extremely high affinity of the streptavidin-biotin interaction and the spectroscopic properties of R-phycoerythrin, the sensitivity of immunoassays can be increased some five- to tenfold over the corresponding Alexa 532 Conjugate.


The QIAexpress, Detection and Assay Handbook, supplied with all QIAexpress detection and assay products, contains detailed example protocols and guidelines for designing and performing assays.


Streptavidin-R-PE is highly suited for detection of biotinylated biomolecules using the LabMAP bead-based assay system. Streptavidin conjugates may also detect the endogenous, biotinylated E. coli biotin carboxyl carrier protein (BCCP) in crude cell lysates.


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What is the concentration of SureENTRY Transduction Reagent?
The concentration of SureENTRY Transduction Reagent is 10 mg/ml.
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