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TB Management


All TB events by QIAGEN — in one place 

Each year, we bring together TB experts from all over the world to raise awareness about TB and discuss the latest TB testing and management guidelines.

You can join our digital and in-person events to watch expert talks and webinars, participate in discussion panels and connect with the TB community across several regions and languages.

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  • Global TB Summit
    Running for over a decade, the annual Global TB Clinical and Educational Summit presents the latest TB science. This year’s summit on October 27–28 will be hosted both virtually and in-person in London, United Kingdom and is free to attend.
    TB Summit event, Tackling TB Together
  • French TB Day 2022
    We are pleased to invite you to the French TB Day 2022. Join us on-site at the Institut Pasteur in Paris or online on Thursday, March 17, 2022 to learn about latent TB infection and IGRAs from the TB experts. Information available in French only (Informations disponibles uniquement en français).
    QFT, World TB Day 2021, masks
  • World TB Day
    TB deaths have risen for the first time in 15 years. COVID-19 has reversed a decade of progress. Is there still hope to end the global TB epidemic? This World TB Day, meet the global experts who are working to find the answer.
    World TB Day
  • TB Webinar Hub
    The QFT-Plus and TB webinar hub features on-demand webinars on multiple topics related to tuberculosis testing and management. Learn about latent TB testing (LTBI) guidelines in risk groups and the benefits of LTBI testing with QFT-Plus.
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  • TB Summit event, Tackling TB Together
    Global TB Summit
  • QFT, World TB Day 2021, masks
    French TB Day 2022
  • World TB Day
    World TB Day
  • Female asian doctor watching a webinar
    TB Webinar Hub
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